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Upon my bedroom's bottom stair
With broken button eyes
In neither passion nor despair
The Corandury lies.
The thing seems naught but sweet, benign
And knows not of dispute
But 'tis the scourge of all divine
That much is absolute.

Last night I saw it eat my friends
It mauled them one-by-one
It plucked their fingers from the ends
And danced in blood 'til sun.
I shrieked and yelled to see them dead
Told Mother of the feast
She groaned and said, "Dear, go to bed"
And left me with the beast.

Disordered limbs and open chests
Marked funerals of five
Upon their grave I sought to rest
Just me, just me alive.
I cried asleep and dreamed of death
And how I'd meet its teeth
And how, come morning, Mother's breath
Would lament disbelief.

Soon, peace of terror was no more
For, come impending day
I saw my friends walk out the door
Just fine in every way.
My mother scowled with eyebrows stern
And pointed at my nose
I could not live; I could not learn
So up the stairs I rose.

I yanked the doll from where it sat
Manipulating cares
I saw a sneaking, lying rat
And hurled it down the stairs.
Between the beatings and the screams
And heels against its chin
And cotton stray, and broken seams
I thought I saw it grin.