Close your eyes for a second or two. Imagine a nice snowy landscape. Maybe your front yard. The light powder is sitting pristine, piled high over top of what was the grass. It's soft and bright. The air is still warm lacking the usual bitter chill of the wind and winter.

Once again eyes closed.

Imagine the calm snowy field, with trees and birds. A calm snowy landscape, maybe this is a neighborhood park, or your front yard in the winter. There's a handsome young couple playing in the snow.

Just ignore them for now.

Pay attention to the fences with the posts topped by the soft white powder. The light flurries in the otherwise still calm air. You can hear the sound of neighborhood children playing, of animals in the snow. The couple is now turned and looking in your direction. Ignore the couple.

Feel the soft powder crunch lightly under each foot as you rock back and forth on your heels. Look up and realize that despite the bright blue sky there's no harsh glare from the sun. In fact there is no sun at all. Though the cloudless sky is bright and blue as a warm summer's day you see no sun anywhere. As you look down you see the young couple is now closer to you. Don't worry about that though. Just ignore them. Just ignore the couple.

Ignore them as they get closer. If you were to look up you'd see their faces, or rather the lack thereof. What does pass for their mouths stretched back much farther than should be possible. With small, pale yellow, protrusions jutting out in every direction.

Ignore them.

Just look up and see the cool blue sky. Feel the light crushing of the snow under your shoes. See the leafless trees, and the frozen streams.

The sounds of the neighborhood have stopped. You're not sure when, but they've definitely stopped. Keep looking at the trees and the landscape. Pay not attention to the couple in the snow as they get closer now they are just within arm's reach of you, their gaping maw twisted into a strange facsimile of a smile.

Have you ever heard of ironic process theory? Maybe you've heard it called the white bear problem. It's this thing in psychology where the harder you try not to think of a thing the harder it forces its way into your head.

The couple moves in closer now. They are close to touching you, you can feel their excited breath on your face. Don't pay any attention to them. Ignore the couple in the snow.

You open your eyes quickly and breathe a sigh of relief. But you realize in the back of your head the image is still there. When you blink, when you lose focus even for a split second you'll see it again. And the next time you close your eyes the couple will be there waiting for you.

Go ahead and close your eyes. You will eventually anyway, it's only a matter of time. Just try to ignore them.

Written by Trashbinrat
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