Are you afraid of the blanketing dark,
Of the nightmarish terrors it brings?
When the moon rises, and shines on your wall,
Are there spiders, surprises, and other such things?

Do shadows run along the roof of your room,
Saying nothing, yet giving you bonechilling frights?
They are mere players of a much bigger game,
You’ve seen of them many hundreds of nights.

Must the leaves shiver in the breeze out your window,
And shake you as terribly, clear to your skin?
Their rattling, prattling, chattling chatter
Is wearing and wearing your patience quite thin.

A branch scrapes the wall in wanting clear entry,
You won’t allow it as you’re your own sentry.
The moon casts more shadows, driving you further
Under cold covers, your only true shelter.

The night continues for few hours more,
Your eyelids drop the tiniest bit.
But you don’t allow them to fall anymore
When a scratching, loud scratching, comes in a fit.

Sweat forms in torrents o’er the whole of your body
While you shiver and shake and fear for your life.
The monster is here, the Monster of Shadows,
Smelling of sulfur, piercing your nose like a knife.

It slips through a crack,
Which you can’t barely see,
Nearby there’s a thwack,
A newly-felled tree.

The Monster of Shadows looms at your feet,
With two red eyes blazing and no other features.
This is a nightmare you’d wished not to meet,
You know it’s a horrible, devious creature.

Its eyes slice your soul, you find you can’t move
Slowly black tendons of Death crawl about.
They soon form a swirling, pulsating grove
When they cover your face you no longer can shout.

Red light fills the room,
Sealing your doom.
The Devil has got you,
There’s nothing to do.

The smell grows still stronger, it devours your senses,
You are simply an obstacle of little real value.
Soon you’re all gone, not more than pretenses,
You’ll never wake up, that’s not been more true.

You are the smoke of your smoldering house,
Or what once was a house, but isn’t tonight.
Your body is gone, your spirit is left,
Left to suffer in eternal fright.

You were afraid of the dark, and the terrors it brings.
Now there’s no one left to fear what you did.
The Monster still lurks, the Monster is Fire,
I hear tell its touch really stings.

"The Dark"

"The Dark"

Written by SoDaft Potato
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