Armeg, The Black Damning Dog
Rests eons upon
Waiting, waiting to wake upon The Dark Dawn

Major mishaps cry
Mars blazes high
Slugs fly

Thunderbirds and dragons breathing fire
Men and women sporting tears
Media spreading lies and fear
That the world no longer hears

Metallic eels tie knots
Blazing by go flaming rocks
Bodies, do they chop

Still, the Hairless Hateful Apes
Same still spewing fear and hate
Filtering the tapes
Yet to go on pulling the strings
Of the critics of the break

Adam arrives here
Spreading fright and fear
'Cross the Great Sphere

Adam descends, clouds above high
The thirsty third messiah
His motives only for all to cry

Atom makes you char
He rages, blows you off
Disgustingly dissecting the broth
Remnants to make bloody coughs

Fauna, inside out
Flora, all wiped out
Hell, just a little fallout

Limbs, swollen to burst
You ponder how it was before it hurt
And you realize with unquenchable thirst
Humanity, doomed to dirt

Slinking in the radioactive fog
None but one livid life lives
'Tis be Armeg, The Black Damning Dog
For he hath woken upon The Dark Dawn

Scouring the soil
For signs of turmoil
From the demons who fought for oil

Chuckling from above it all
Armeg smiles at Humanity's fall
Reality is, their greed at fault

Far off is his Master's call
Towards, Armeg must crawl

Armeg hobbles back to the Devil's cave
To wait
To wait for another Man to populate

To contemplate
How Nature can let them all waste
To always spawn such creatures of hate

Yet throughout this all
Lucy laughs
Lucy laughs at the aftermath
The whole time sitting back
Always, to himself, he asks
How is it they are so deaf?

The Dark Dawn
Hath come and gone
For Eternity all
To see more Men fall


Written by Brokenkenya
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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