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During my first year of college, I was single. Everybody else in the school had a partner, but I didn’t. Even my nerdy friend had a date. Prom was coming up, and I was desperate to find love. Desperate to feel like the other kids. I had heard of a dating site which will remain unnamed. All my friends had found their dates from this site, so I gave it a go. My worst mistake.

I opened my computer and typed the link into my browser. Immediately, a pop-up appeared, asking me to make an account. I agreed, making a simple account. However, the pop-up asked me strangely personal questions, even for a dating site.

It asked: “Are you below 13?” to which I answered no, since I was 17. Afterwards, it asked me more strange questions, including if I had ever dated. At this point, I was tired. It was 12:00 am, and I had been on this odd site since 6:00 pm. I decided to come back to the site after I had slept. I crawled into bed, and fell asleep quicker then usual.

In the morning, I woke up to my roommate standing outside my door. He had this… blank look on his face, as if he had been there all night. I asked him what he was doing. He stood still, quieter then I had ever heard him. I noticed he had his hand behind his back, hiding something. “What’s that you have?” I asked, suspecting something horrible. “I brought you food.” he mumbled, snapping out of his trance. “Oh, thanks.” I replied. “You left your computer on.” he continued, “I couldn’t sleep.” He slowly turned away and walked off. I had not noticed the open window yet.

After I was done with my classes, I went back to my room. I was not thinking about getting back on the site at the time, not until I saw what was in my room. A red envelope sat on my table. "I haven’t seen this before," I thought. I pick it up, tearing open the almost warm red paper. It came apart quickly, like a cobweb.

The paper read, “You haven’t finished making your account.” I quickly looked around, missing the threat. “Phew, I’m safe.” I sighed. Now my mind was set on finishing my account. I answered all the questions, only so I could starting seeing potential dates. The first girl that popped up was... strange.

She had a very similar appearance to a missing teen. Blonde, glassy blue eyes, a cold smile. The second one was no better. She had also looked like a missing teen. Brown haired, glassy grey eyes, and braces.

I had settled on a girl. Let’s call her Grace. Grace had red hair and green eyes. Her account claimed she was 16, and lived near me.

Grace and I had a conversation. She was sweet and smart. A few weeks in, I had developed a crush on her. I was nervous to confess my feelings to her, so I invited her to a local café nearby.

She responded with, “See you soon ;)”

I was 10 minutes late, but she seemed like she got here in a rush. Her hair was messy, she had a coffee stain on her red cardigan, but I thought she looked stunning. We ordered our drinks, and I told her. She blushed, and said, “O-Oh. I love you too...” I immediately kissed her, and she kissed back. The kiss lasted for what seemed like eternity, even if it was only seconds.

She immediately moved in with me. We were a perfect couple. But not everything was as it seemed. Every Tuesday night, I woke up to the sound of... knocking. I always opened the door when I heard this, but only a piece of paper was there. It always said “Tuesday 17”.

I didn’t understand what it meant. I wish I never opened the door. On the night of prom, I was nowhere to be found. Grace couldn’t find me, nobody could. Weeks after, I had just become another missing boy. Nobody knew what happened to me, nobody knew if I was even alive.