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Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, there is an iceberg. What makes it different from others, though, are the words carved into the side. The message is encoded in a language long lost by civilization. If you manage to decode it, however, a roar from below the water's surface will sound. A huge whirlpool will begin to form and you'll be dragged helplessly into its murky depths...

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, lurking with Hell's fish.

You will then awaken to a new world. But, this one is full of unspeakable horrors that no living thing would want to witness.

The sea is now stained with the blood, forever keeping the unfortunate souls hostage. A mixture of fear and shock will eventually hit you. Look out into the scenery, and ghostly remains of ships can be seen from afar. Not to mention the dead carcasses of lost seamen floating in the waters.

But the most frightening sights await beneath the surface. Down below, monstrous creatures await. Just remember: it's no use sailing away.