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The world is blue, and you are at the centre of it all.

You’re certain you’re not supposed to be here, with how illogical everything looks and how nonsensical it all seems. There is no way to turn, except every way, of course, and there is no where to go.

You are trapped, stuck to the spot as if glue was beneath your feet, yet you are free to go wherever you please. But there is nowhere to go. Except onwards and upwards and backwards and down and left and right and to no consequence at all.

You have been here for aeons, but you do not feel it. It seems as if it were mere seconds ago that you reached out to the abyss with your curious hands and it greeted you with its very own dark handshake of warmth. Cold, blue warmth.

The world is blue, as it always has been, and you are at the centre of it all, as you always have been.

You are not at all alone in the universe’s most unconventional graveyard, but that is to be expected. Cemeteries contain multitudes, but there are no multitudes nor multiples, just one.

Waterfalls rush and crash into absolutely nothing, and behind their vicious waves sits a presence.

It stands at god knows how tall, with a body of silver and markings of gold. The stomping of its six legs cause quakes upon the uneasy earth you and it reside on, and the bands of red splashed upon its torso remind you of the blood it has to have shed with a form as intimidating and as ferocious as it.

As it approaches you now, fissures erupting beneath its mineral-coloured claws, it beats its wings, a gorgeous display of doom as black meets red and red meets black and its aforementioned claws threaten to discover the red inside of you.

The god of your world slaps its silvery tail against the floor, caring not to react as more earth splinters and simply goes away. It looks at you, its small eyes fixed in a foreboding glare.

You swallow your fear and spit up your bravery and turn to face the void, and the void does not hesitate to eat you whole.