It is the thing that Hollywood Horror films are made of. Even more particularly it is reminiscent of Oscar Wilde’s The picture of Dorian Gray.

An unnamed family, similar to any other average family, did what all families do as the children start to grow up. They had to decide that the outgrown toys, cluttering the kid’s rooms, should be got rid of or stored away. As usually happens, with many things that were cherished by the children, several of them were stored away in the attic. Amongst them was a doll. An ordinary baby-faced doll.

Run the clock forward eleven years.

Attics do not have an endless capacity for storage or perhaps the family had decided to move to a new home.

For whatever reason a “sort-out” was needed.

If your imagination is the director of this story then now is the time to pick your lighting and camera angle.

Because one can only imagine the horror on the face of the person, or the hairs sticking up on the back of the neck, when they picked up that doll to find this:

The doll had aged and now had the face of a very old person. The skin was drawn back to an almost zombie like, or even mummified, appearance. What makes it more unnerving to look at are the human qualities of it, particularly those eyes which appear to be staring straight at you.

What had caused this? Had, as the Express suggested, “demonic forces set to work”?

Or was it like Dorian Gray’s portrait, and had withered and aged?

For whatever reason it had happened, the family was not keeping it and gave it away.

Jim Eaton, expert of the paranormal and author of Ghosts Caught on Film II, said “This is a picture of what the doll looked like before it was given away. We can only wonder at what condition it is in now.”

Apparently, after the family had given it away, the doll was later sold on for a considerable amount of money.

As Jim Eaton said, what it looks like now we can only guess at.

What caused it, we can only speculate on.

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