This story happened a month ago, so some of things stated in this, may not be exact as they were when it happened.

I woke up one night, to a loud bang coming from my bedroom door. As expected, I was confused, and tired. I looked around to see if my dog was in my room, which he wasn't. I thought that my dog had either ran into the door by accident, or wanted to be let in. I tried to ignore it, and decided to try to go back to sleep.

After about a minute of trying to sleep, I heard a scratching noise at my door, as well as my dog whining at the door. I told him to stop, and I attempted to go back to sleep again. Soon afterwards, I heard him barking at the door, which is when I thought my dog was in genuine danger. So, I finally built up the courage to get out of bed, and open the door.

My dog immediately ran in, and barked at the door he was just scratching at. I immediately slammed it shut, and locked it, because I believe in ghosts, and I don't want my dog to be barking all night. As well as that, I had a feeling there was something behind my door, and shutting it would be a good idea.

Soon after, I attempted to go sleep, for the third time. I then heard a knock at my door, which woke me up immediately, and I was horrified. I live alone, and none of my family members would be at my door, at 1:12AM. I stayed quiet, but my dog began barking, which caused the knocking to become louder, and faster.

I yelled out of fear, "Go away, I'm armed, and I'm not afraid to shoot!" since I actually was, but I was afraid. I think whoever it was knew that, since they began to slam themselves into the door, which my dog did not like at all. Eventually I decided to take the pistol I had on my bedside, and warn him one last time, "I'm warning you! stop, or I will shoot!"

The pounding eventually stopped, and I immediately called the police, and told them that a person had broken into my house, and had cornered me into my room. While I was on the phone with them, I was looking to see if anything had been stolen, which nothing was. I had also looked at my bedroom door, to see if there was any damage on it. There was, the scratching from my dog, and a large crack near the middle, where the person had presumably slammed his shoulder into.

After the police had arrived, they asked me a few questions, and began looking around my property to see if the Invader was still there, which they weren't.

Ever since that night, I always had a fear of that person returning. But the reason I'm writing this is because, they have returned. And I'm worried that they'll actually get in this time.

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