The dog had been outside for an hour, in which time it had rained, and become cold. The wooden floors of the house were cold to the touch, and the windows creaked and popped in the cold. The child, who was at home alone, realized that absence of the dog, and begin to walk across the cold floor towards the sliding glass door at the back of the house. The sliding glass door was heavy, moved slowly, and screeched shrilly when it moved.

Upon reaching the sliding glass door, the child pulled back the curtain covering it, and cumbersomely unlocked the door. The child pulled the door open and whistled for the dog, when nothing happened, he began to close the sliding glass door, but a hand reached out and grabbed the heavy door. The extra hand on the door, quickly created a fight between the child and the hand attempting to open the door.

Suddenly the door lurched shut and the hand from outside was crushed. The broken hand quivered as the child locked the slider on the hand. The boy quickly ran across the house, his feet slapping and thumping on the cold floor, he had made it to his room. The child ripped open the door, rushed into the room pulled the door shut behind him and locked it.

The blinds were open, and the room was dark, but the child dared not turn on the lights or close the blinds. His heart raced as he sat down in the office chair in his room, his stomach churned and lurched, and his body shook with fear. Everything was quite, and the house endured the shortest eternity, only for the silence to be broken by a thumping on the child's window. The hand had belonged to a man. and that body was thumping against the window.

Silence fell over the house again, and the child sat waiting, his heart racing faster every second. Silence was only a sanctuary for the mentally ill, as a cold, and course whisper echoed, "I'm still here…" The boy's heart raced even faster, and the front door clicked open….

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