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Below is a story... quite unexplainable that occurred to me sometime ago.. I somehow found myself in a place... I'll just call "Limbo" for simplicity. This place is somewhere beyond the normal world and the world of humanity's dreams, I think this world is somehow layered on top of both which is really unbelievable. Anyways, here's my encounter -and hopefully my only encounter- with this cursed world:

It's 8:55 and raining outside ferociously. The rain makes gentle pitter patter sounds on the roof of my house. I decide to stay indoors for the time being since I don’t want to get soaked. I look for board games to keep me busy to pass time and head for the hall closet where I keep the games. Opening it, I find out that the board games I’d usually keep there were now missing; which was ludicrous! I know with certainty I didn’t move any of the games the last time I opened the closet. The closet appears to be completely empty and I'm not too sure know how to feel about that unusual circumstance. I close the door and decide to observe the rain. The sky quickly lights up with a lightning flash that’s concerningly close to my house. I count the seconds in my head, waiting for the deafening crashing sound of thunder.

123… By the time I've counted to ten and think that maybe there isn’t going to be any sound of thunder, a loud crashing sound coming from not only outside, but everywhere jolts my senses alert like an electric shock. Time seemingly stops when the sound finally ceases as I hear an obnoxious ringing in my ears from the aftermath of the intrusive sound.

The world stands still as I hear absolutely nothing except the faint ringing. The white of the lightning had disappeared and the night sky was fading into an increasingly darker darkness, all the way until a single glittering star remained. I think perhaps I’m hallucinating and that everything was frozen simply because of how I stayed up late the previous night working on a lock pick I had in my pocket currently. I wait for a while, as I check my watch, it’s 8:59 and nothing changes whatsoever. The world remains impossibly silent and still, the single star making me shudder slightly because it reminds me of how I was like the star, in a house that was locked in by this odd darkness. After that moment, I don’t recall entirely why, but a deep instinctual feeling tells me to check the now empty closet that used to hold board games.

I also got the subtle feeling that there was maybe something in that closet I didn’t wish to encounter. I head to the closet and the door, I notice, changed entirely. I think that I’m dreaming as the door I see before me is extremely out of place. The usual wooden door with a doorknob is gone. It’s replaced with a pitch black door with tiny speckled white dots scattered across it that almost glowed similarly to stars in a galaxy that’s not our own. I placing my hand on the frigidly cold doorknob, open the strange door, and I’m met with the darkest black I have ever seen.

It gives me chills as I gaze into its depths. I try to close the door, struck by sudden fear of this consuming darkness, but the door’s hinges are now helplessly stuck. I wasn’t sure why but something tells me that I need to get as far away from this door as quickly as possible. I try to leave but every door in my house is now locked, the single lonesome star in the sky now completely gone. I go back to the cursed door to try and close it again but the darkness flows out of it like ink. Everything I see after is that darkest black everywhere.

I must have gone unconscious for a while because when I awake, I see nothing. I blink, confused, and nothing changes. For a brief couple of seconds I hear an excruciatingly loud sound that’s a cross between static and an otherworldly hum. Seeing a speckle of light in the distance, I dash towards it and gaze into it. I briefly see a kid who's laughing and playing at a playground before the light fades into dark nothingness that I'm in.

I try to talk but for some reason, I can’t. It’s the oddest thing. My senses feel somewhat numb as I hear dark whispers echo ominously around me. I frantically look for an exit as I feel like I am being watched by something. Finally I see that I'm not alone, a stranger is in the distance wearing something a doctor would wear, she looks around, frightened, in the distance. I go over to her, waving. Her eyes light up for a brief second then she has an extremely frightened expression. Dark hands that are hard to see due to the blackness of the landscape appear around her waist and start dragging her away as her screams and distraught gestures are deathly silent. Her blue eyes lose the sheen that gives her life and the creature attacking her consumes everything that she is. It disturbs me down to the deepest fiber of my being witnessing such, horrifying me. Nobody deserves a death like that I run from the place where the woman perished, not wishing to meet the same fate as I hear my footfalls echo across the strange surface of this world.

I turn around briefly and see a figure darker than the world following me and realize those footfalls I heard were not of my own.

I run faster, my breathing becoming more rapid as I search rapidly for a way out. It's so cold and isolated in this place.. The creature keeps pursuing me and then I have an idea that could save me. Pulling free the lock pick in my pocket that I designed, I run towards a flickering light and see a teenager being bullied at a school. Instead of just gazing, I run into the light, now in the dream somehow, and try jamming the lock pick into a classroom door close by, not expecting my idea to work. I figured if a door got me into this retched place, another would get me out.

I see the creature outside of the dream getting closer, its long lethal claws and darker than black hole eyes gazing into my almost helpless soul. I try to with increasing fear to get the door open, the door I'm trying to unlock taking painfully many tries to unlock. I hear the teen who's in the dream screaming as the creature consumes him, a sound I wish I never had heard. With luck the door is unlocked, I finally dash through the it, beyond the entrance of it is illuminated with a bright daylight.

I suddenly wake up with a start on my couch, out of breath, hearing a familiar pitter patter. Looking over, I see my closet door ajar and a darkness looming behind its depths, sharp, jagged claws emerging from inside it. I slam it shut hastily, sighing in relief. Checking my pockets, the lockpick I used is now gone and I laugh a little, feeling relieved. It’s still raining normally and everything seems to be back to normal, it was all just a nightmarish dream.

I turn on the TV and decide to watch the news, finding something that's very unnerving to me. A news reporter states as she stands outside someone's house, “A 15 year old teen was found deceased in his bed during the middle of the night. At 9:00 in the night, parents went to check on their son who was found dead in his sleep. The autopsy reports he is dead for unknown reasons. The police are now questioning night strollers nearby in attempt to find any sort of evidence to track down possible suspects of this strange death. Also, around that same time, a female doctor was found missing without a trace. Nurses that worked at the same hospital as she did says she went outside only to never return. Nobody reportedly saw her leave the hospital and her parents are very worried. It is believed that a single culprit is behind both events. Please contact your local police station if you have any evidence that would be helpful for the police."

Pictures on the TV show up, two recognizable faces of the victims I saw earlier when I was in that horrid world... It wasn’t just a dream after all, and I was responsible for both of these people’s deaths. I knew what the teen had dreamed of right before he died and if I was just a little faster, I maybe could’ve saved that doctor along with the teen too. I vow never to go back to such a twisted place and if I do by mistake, and never come back, it’s because I’ve surrendered my old life away and am now trying to save innocent people from those dark demonic-like monsters.