Most of you have probably never heard of Tulsa Court. It is a small neighborhood hidden somewhere within the midwestern United States...

I will not tell you how to get there - and if you do decide to go searching for this place - do so at your own peril. I grew up here, you see. I never thought anything felt out of the ordinary, simply because I never knew any better. At first glance, Tulsa Court appears to be every average person's dream neighborhood. Friendly neighbors, hardly any noise, no crime whatsoever, and a peaceful, sunny atmosphere...

During the day.

At night however, things would change. Every person who lived there knew to lock their doors and windows, keep them covered, and always be asleep by midnight.

As a child, I never really questioned this. As I grew older, my parents simply informed me that it is 'the way of things' and simply must be done. There was no question that I was different from the other people living in my neighborhood. By my early teenage years, I had developed insomnia, which caused me to, of course, stay up long past 12 am.

While tossing and turning in my bed, I would find that the temperature in my room would drop immensely once the clock went past midnight. I would become fearful, and cover my head with the blankets. I would hear tapping on my windows, and hear strange voices outside.

When I told my parents about this, they became extremely agitated, more so than I had ever seen them before. They would scold me for not following the way of things, and I noticed my father even seemed... afraid.

Later that night, around three in the morning, my television mysteriously turned on. It was broadcasting an emergency alert system message. As I listened to the distorted automated voice, my eyes widened.

My heart sank.

"This is not a test. All residents of ******** county are to cease daily routine and head directly to the nearest safe zone immediately. Move as quickly as you are able to your vehicles. Keep a weapon on your person at all times. Ignore all warnings from radio station *** ******. There has been a terrible crime. Do not trust any individuals not living with you. Repeat, this is not a test."

I quickly raced to my parents' bedroom to find them gone. Panicking, I took the keys to my parent's truck and ran outside. As I was running for the truck, I could see several strange, pale figures roaming the neighborhood.

They moved in stilted, disjointed ways, and made terrifying noises. I jumped into the truck and drove off as quickly as I could. In the rear view mirror, the entities appeared to be following, led by a robed figure. I pushed the pedal to the metal, and drove quickly. In the distance, it appeared as though there was a massive fire, as the sky was gradually turning a shade of orange and red.

Soon, I reached the county police station. I rushed out of the vehicle and explained what had happened, what I had seen, and the EAS warning I had seen.

The officers were extremely confused. They had me sit down and relax, and ordered me to be tested for drug use. After being cleared, I was able to sit down with the officers and discuss everything. I mentioned the strange events which took place nightly, and the strange rules of Tulsa Court. The officers expressions became noticeably puzzled.

"Tulsa Court? Son, you must be talking about a different county. There is no 'Tulsa Court' in this jurisdiction. Hell, there is no Tulsa Court in this state period. Are you sure you're all right?"

I was confused, and afraid. I had the officers look up my parents in the system, and they did not show up. It was like they never existed. I had the police return me down the road I came from, to show them Tulsa Court.

The road led through to a field, and from there it led to a dead end.

I could never explain what happened that night, or what happened to the town I grew up in. My parents, my neighbors, everything I ever knew was just gone, as if it never existed.

The only thing I was able to find, was a strange photo on my camera that I had taken with me.

The photo was taken at night, around 2:43 am, several months before my departure from Tulsa Court. It was a photo of my window, with a pale, terrifying face smiling directly at me as I slept.

I have since moved on with my life, however, I was never able to explain my early life. I am simply unable to understand it, and if it even happened. The only evidence I have, is a chilling photo which I cannot explain.

I hope someday I can discover what really happened that night.

The photo.

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