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Come here, sit down, my dear old friend.
Let me tell you a tale of how many did end.
I say, calm down, my dear old friend.
Let me warn you before you meet your end.

There is a girl
Whose name will give your eye a twinkle.
Her name is Sally-
Sally Dowinkle.

She has long silky hair of crimson,
Like the blood of all her dead.
And her eyes, they sparkle
The same oh-so-deadly red.

Calm down, my dear old friend!
Don't squirm!
My, if I didn't know any better,
I'd think you were imitating a worm.

Now where was I?
Ah yes, I see.
The subject of her crimes
Is where I should be.

Many don't know
How many she caught.
I'd say perhaps around a hundred?
Oh, but that's just a thought.

Barely any
Have heard her name,
But if they did,
Ooh, they'd go insane!

You might ask,
What did she do?
I'd rather just explain,
I won't even give you a clue.

One, too many she did use
For her own sick game.
My, she went so fast,
She never even knew their name!

Abducted them
In the midst of the night.
Her silly little victims
Never again saw a sliver of light.

Some she held underwater
Watching them squirm and splash around.
A sick grin appeared on her face,
As silence removed the sound.

Some she locked away,
No food or water.
They wish they could be drowned,
Or maybe even slaughtered.

Others she stood behind,
One by one, snapping their necks.
"Snap, snap, snap!" She'd say.
"Who's next?"

Never has she been caught,
For she is much too sly.
She blends into the crowd too perfectly-
Authorities nary believe she'd hurt a fly.

My, my, look at the time-
I wish I could tell you more.
But my other good friends are on
The other side of the door.

Ah yes, I've one more thing to tell you
Before I have to go.
That chair you're tied to,
It has 5 minutes left to blow.

Hehe, I just love how you thought
You would win at my game,
But no, you failed.
For Sally Dowinkle is my name.