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All I could think of was how could this happen to me, I mean seriously, me? I haven’t done anything to deserve this.

But I guess there’s no point dwelling on the past. The point is that I’m falling and have been for about five minutes now. At first I couldn’t think rationally—my mind was going so quick, and so was I.

After the initial panic I started to think, not about my fall, but my life. It’s been quite a mediocre one, I never really accomplished anything special. High school degree and working at a retail store isn’t much of an achievement in my mind.

I always imagined myself as a successful businessman with a nice suit and office. But that’s a long lost dream. Then I began thinking of all the failed relationships with everyone I’ve ever had. Now that I think of it, I guess this isn’t that bad. Not really going to miss out on much. So I guess this is the acceptance stage. I’ve been falling for a good ten to fifteen minutes now and I’m starting to feel lightheaded. I’m wondering if this is ever going to en-