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Today is going to be a big day in my school. It's picture day! I can't wait to show everyone what I am going to be wearing today! It's going to be amazing. But, I noticed that my class has recently been getting unnerved by something. I honestly don't know what, but it might just be because they are nervous. I mean, we all are when it's picture day, aren't we? Anyways, I have been assigned to be taking the pictures and assorting them into the year book. I can not wait!

Post #2:

So, I noticed something odd in a few of the classes photos. I'm not sure if it's a burned mark or something like that. There seems to be a black and white outline of a figure in the photos. I only seen it in 7 photos so far. Kind of strange, if I had to be honest. I have changed the camera lens now, so this will hopefully prove rather or not this is the camera's fault or even a ghost. However, I honestly would put the idea of this being a ghost as false. Anyways, The 7th grade class is coming in 10 mins, so I better prepare.

Post #3:

Okay, I am getting very freaked out right now. I just took only half of the 7th grade class and now the figure is now a lot more detailed. It now has 3 glowing spots on it, along with small hair. It starting to look like a 10 year old at this point. I can't identify if it's a boy or girl ether. I have now started to believe the ghost idea a lot more, but I also believe this could be a glitch with the frames in the camera as well. I don't know, but I am going to wait till lunch ends for the 7th graders. Afterwards, I'll see if it's a glitch or not.

Post #4:

The figure is still there. I don't know what to do right now, since it's pretty obvious it's a ghost/figure. I have told the teachers about this and they have check to make sure it isn't a glitch. However, when taking a photo of it, the ghostly thing doesn't show up. I don't blame them for not believe me, but I know that this is not a joke or my mind playing tricks. I am going to check one last time with the 8th graders to make sure that the figure still shows up. I will continue to write down my thoughts after this.

Post #5:

So, unsurprisingly the figure is still there. I am going crazy over this, I need to know if what I am seeing is real or not. I have come up with the clever idea of taking a photo of myself just to see if I am imaging things. I have check, and it is there. Right next to me, standing is the girl figure. I am going to do some research on this, I'll be right back.

Post #6:

I am done. I can't really explain what I have discovered. The girl in the photos, is a real 10-year old girl. She was died from a heart attack when the camera flash at her face. Her name was Alice, and she was a paranoid girl who had a simple life living in a farm. I couldn't find any info on any of her family, except that they used to own the school in 2009. When Alice died from the heart attack, they sold the school to the current principle. I really don't know how to feel, and I am only writing this down to get this over with. I not in the mood to write at the moment.

Post #7:

I am currently hiding in the school bathroom. I don't know how to explain everything, so I will need to simply it. I found out that a flash on a camera didn't cause a heart attack on the poor girl. She was killed by her own mother. I found out the mother was a criminal and hated having a child. So, when she did, she easily wanted to find a way to kill her. When it was picture day, she decided to hide under a covered up table that the kids sat on, and killed her own child under it. She then got caught by police shortly afterword's. However, she then killed herself by smashing her skull into a brick wall near the entrance. I can hear the door opening and closing, along with footsteps being heard. I don't know if it's the mother or the girl, but hopefully.

This was a diary discovered by the police when called by the school to check out the bathrooms, hearing a girl screaming inside. Police discovered the Diary and took it as evidence of the death of 12 year old Maria Loosen. No further evidence was shown and pictures are to be never shown to the public ever. The school has now since been shut down due to the incident. It is believe that Maria still is in that bathroom, but only because you won't be able to see her.