The Girl in the Cream Sundress

This dream occurred around two to three years ago. It haunts me to this very day.

I’m walking up and down the many aisles of a nursery, browsing the plants. There’s no one there except myself. It’s a bright and sunny day. I’m sweating because of the heat. The sun is west so it’s evening, about to set a few hours from now. It’s almost as if it’s not a dream, so vivid. So clear. I walk to the end of an aisle and get the feeling as if I’m not alone. I’m being watched. The feeling is awful, dark. I look around, scanning my surroundings. Suddenly, at the opposite end of the aisle, a dark haired person moves behind a sort of shrub. I call out:

“Hello?” My guess was that it was an employee, urging customers to finish shopping because it was about to close. I didn’t know the closing time so I begin down another aisle when I see a figure: a little girl in a cream colored sundress stands parallel to me. Her hair is pitch black. She must’ve been the one behind the shrub.

“Oh,” I said, “Hello.” The girl doesn’t reply. “Are you lost?” Silence. Beginning to grow somewhat worried I begin to tell her that my mom has a phone that she can use to find her own mother when she does something that makes me go silent: she tilts her head to the side, eerily. Like possessed people in horror movies. It feels like an hour goes by as the sun finally sets, plunging us into near darkness.

The girl then raises her head back into a normal position. She smiles. Now, I had been babysitting for a long time, a few years by now, and I had never seen a child smile like that. There was something evil about her. Sadistic. I’m now afraid. I don’t move until she makes her way towards me, increasing in speed. 

I take off in the other direction, hearing her laughter behind me. Not joyful, but sinister. Her voice is next to me on both sides of my head, but she’s not there. I run, trying to find the exit through the plants but to no avail. I then hear her voice again,

“This is a dream. You can’t escape!” It all made sense now. The fast setting of the sun, the emptiness of the nursery. I run and I run but her voice seems so close. I cry as I pump my legs harder. Darkness soon overwhelms me.

I awake laying in my bed. My pillow is soaked with tears that still fall from my eyes. The only thing covering my body is a thin sheet, yet I’m sweating. A cold bitter sweat drenched the sheet and mattress covering. I turn on the light and quickly get up, rushing to the sink in my room. I guzzle water, attempting to calm myself.

Suddenly, there’s a sound from my door. I turn to it, but then deciding it’s nothing, turning back to the sink. As I turn, I see marks, up and down my arms and back. Thick red scratches cover the area. Did I do that? I thought. I took a nail and gently scraped a line next to the others. It was significantly thin compared to the others. It couldn’t have possibly made the marks. My nails weren’t big enough and nothing around me was. My pets couldn’t have done so either. My cat was at my mom’s house and I was at my dad’s house. We recently got my dog a few months ago, and like I said before, this was around three years ago.

Unlike my other nightmares, this fortunately occurred once. I’ve had other nightmares similar to this with the laughter and darkness. I can’t force myself to wake up, but if you dream of the girl in the sundress, WAKE UP. DO NOT LET HER CATCH YOU.

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