Hello! Don't mind the maybe badly made creepypasta, I tried.

A teenager named Lukas was going to his senior prom. He was driving back to the school gym where it would be hosted. Lukas didn't have too many friends, all his friends moved away. Therefore, he went alone. As he was driving, he noticed a girl on the side of the road. She was dressed nicely as if she was going somewhere. Lukas pulled over to ask... why she was on the side of the road. She told him: “I was going to my school dance.” She didn't look any younger than him and seemed relatively harmless, so he let her get in. Lukas asked if she wanted to go with him. She accepted graciously. On the way, they talked about school and working and parents, the normal. They arrived and had fun together, dancing and partying as if they had known each other for years. When the prom ended, Lukas realized he never asked her name. She told him it was Marie. Marie told Lukas where she lived, so he could drive her home. Lukas pulled up in her driveway, and was about to tell her she could get out, and he had fun together, and maybe they could exchange numbers and whatnot. However, Marie wasn't there. He assumed that, maybe, she had already gotten out. He went to the front door and knocked. An old woman answered the door, and Lukas asked to see Marie one last time to say goodbye, and he had fun. The woman told him that Marie had died 11 years ago, going to her senior prom. This was a bit of a shock to Lukas, after all, she didn't seem to be a ghost or anything. “What happened, why was she on the side of the road?” Lukas asked. The

Hehehe hoped this wasn't a drawl and I hoped you enjoyed it! If you did like it, let me know, so I can get the creative juices flowing :))

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