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There is a knife that is not a knife.

It is a key.

It is about nine inches long, with a golden blade. It has weaving blood channels along the shaft that seem to almost trace words, but no meaning has been found in them yet. The edge is keen and it is said that in the right hands it can slice silence.

Fitted to the base of the hilt is a cut and polished ruby. Despite the apparent size of the gem-stone, it does not affect the weight of the blade. To hold the blade is to be possessed with passion and vigor for life. Your confidence will tower over other men, and it would be impossible to find doubt in yourself.

The artifact has been responsible for more crimes of passion than most realize, and most under its spell are often unaware. But all of this is merely a side-effect of its true purpose.

The blade is a key.

A key to any heart you desire.


To be eternally loved by the object of your desire, you must slip the blade between the ribs and through the heart muscle. The blade will not harm if this is performed correctly, however the slightest mistake will render the injuries you are inflicting all too real, and they will shuffle loose from this mortal coil.

This is the choice you must face. Many would risk their own lives to be with who they love, but would they risk the lives of their beloved for the same reward?

And would they even seek their permission?

Written by The Silicon Lemming 
Content is available under CC BY-SA