Uncle sam zombie by aubrey ogre-d3221fi
We all know who the U.S government is. We all know who Barack Obama is... or at least we think we do.

You see, the government is always doing sneaky things behind our backs. This was proven when their "PRISM" was unveiled and the world was shocked. But that's the sort of stuff you would expect from a bunch of paranoid North Americans. You wouldn't expect them to kill anything they didn't like though, would you?

Yes, the U.S government are a crazy gathering of people. If ever some child is born and they show characteristics which quite frankly aren't human, they are put down. Happy mothers and fathers soon become depressed when their babies die. If a baby was to be born with several more limbs then a normal and healthy human, then the mother would just accept it for what it was. They would love their new child and care for it with its disabilities, but the U.S doesn't want these sorts of people existing. It wants a specific race of humans, the ones that are considered "normal".

I for one am a survivor of the evil activities of the government, but my mother isn't. The nurse looking after young me tried to stab me with a lethal syringe, all because I have three eyes. Unfortunately for her, my mother whipped the needle out of the nurse's hands and stabbed her to death with it. It was quite a violent scene. My mother was shot by the police for this wild attack, but because of the big news story, this meant no secret agents or any of those crazy people could kill me, since this would arouse suspicion. People would ask, "What happened to that mutant child on the news?" So I managed to survive to this age.

Oh, the glorious nineteenth year of my life. People around me often flinch when I walk past, but I am used to it now. I thought I had best share this news to the world.

I'll be found dead soon. I'm willing to accept it though, America doesn't want me, I don't want America. Hopefully this will get your attention and will give me another couple of years to live. Goodbye, friend, or enemy.

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