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Earlier this year, several strange reports in the western areas of Canada of a strange creature being inside of people's homes started to arise. Most information about this creature has been lost due to unknown circumstances.

However, we have managed to find some reports about this being all neatly placed inside of a box in a news station located near northern Oregon. These reports ranged from unsettling to downright disturbing.

We are unsure of each one’s origins. They have not been signed or dated. All we know is that the creature could still be alive somewhere.

(What appears to be) A Page Ripped out of a Diary:

“It has been talking to me for almost half an hour now. All that it’s been doing is standing in front of my bedroom window. It didn’t look like anything human. It had no head, but it somehow knew where I was. It has slowly been becoming more aggressive the more I ignore what it’s saying. I also took a picture of him with my camera.”

(Image drawn in the bottom right corner of the page)

The Headless One.png

A Second Diary Page (Presumably the same person):

“I refuse to let go. He keeps watching and watching me. He’s still here at the window. I can’t make him go away. I shout at him but he shouts back at me. I’m scared. I can’t leave my room without seeing him again. Please. Help me.”

A Third Diary Page:

“He went away from my window after I started to cry. Now he’s standing at the very foot of my bed. As of writing, I stare at him, just wanting him to go away. If he does, I would be super happy! Why won’t he leave? I’m even more scared now. He got closer to m-”

The rest of the text is too smeared to read. And most of the page was smothered with an unknown red substance, presumably blood from the writer.

This was the picture that was at the bottom of these pages:

The Headless One 2.png