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Authors note: The subject of this short story takes place millennia before Mind of the Deep. As such, certain aspects of the writing were changed from beginning to end. Any organizations or things I name in here were created completely by me, and were not made with the intention of basing them off of another persons work. Thank you, and enjoy the story.

You may recall how in the last section of this explanation, we were introduced to the Deep, a malevolent hive mind that seeks only to toy with and destroy. It is spoken of as a malevolent entity, but it is never explained where it comes from, or what it truly is. Maybe these records can shed some light onto it, and give you, dear reader, a doorway into seeing how vast and terrible our universe truly is.




Entry 0032

Location: Stationary Orbit around Star 33-KX

Date: 21

Transcript: We have arrived. After 30 long [years/times] we have finally reached it. This great [strangeness/anomaly]. It disguises itself as a star but hides many [secrets/falsehoods}. We set out on our journey on the advice of the [priesthood/brotherhood]. We have swept through winds and star fields, through places [dark and light]. There are many terrible things this place hides, but it is worth it. The [priesthood/brotherhood] will be most pleased.


This may come as a shock to you, dear reader, but this world has known about the Deep for much longer than that story has been out. You have been raised in it. Spoon-fed it from birth, and yet you are too simple to realize that it has always been a part of your lives. You are fools, and yet the Deep remains. I think it likes you.


Entry 0157

Location: Deteriorating Orbit around Star 33-KX

Date: 93

Transcript: We have been [deceived/conned]. The [priesthood/brotherhood] has sent us on a suicide mission. We were played by this [god/demon]. This [strangeness/anomaly] is alive. It knows we are here. And it is pulling us in to our doom. Orbit began to break yesterday. Some of the [crew/{!translation_error}] have been talking of [visions/delusions]. They say there is someone waiting for us, and if we only walk outside the ship, they will welcome us with open arms. I say no. I refuse to allow whatever hell is outside into the ship. I fear it is too late. I can hear the chanting. The [angel/demon] looks in the window now and watches me. It can hear me talking. I am so very cold. I wish for it to hold me. To pass its burning light into me. To warm me.


Are you beginning to see, reader? Is your small mind beginning to burn with the knowledge of the thing you have been made aware of? Ours have for a long time. We know exactly what you are so amusingly trying to grasp. Your minds are like water, and the knowledge sugar. You can take only so much before you begin to push the rest out, refusing to bond with or try to understand. But come, tender reader, just a bit more, then you may return to your fantasy land, where nothing can hurt you and the worst you have to worry about is someone with a gun. Come now, just a bit further.


Entry 0203

Location: The Bright

Date: Time

Transcript: How light I feel. I let the [angel/demon] in last night. It was oh so beautiful. It embraced me. It pulled me into its light. And in its light, I have seen the impurities of myself. How weak my flesh is. How terrible my bones are. Everyone else is gone now. They have shed their bodies. I am the last. Occasionally I step away from the Bright. It scares me. There are lumps on the floor. Red on the walls. I can hear screams from the holds. Terrible things are happening down there. The Open has reached us, I think. I must return to the Bright. Its cold out here. I hunger for the Bright. I hunger for its warmth. I want to live in it for ever and ever. The Bright is whispering to me now. It tells me I can join my friends now. All I must do is offer up my body. I have accepted. Already I can feel little tickling things inside my skull. I must be leaving. I am so happy. I am joining the Bright. I am the Bright. I am perfect. I am me.





So, tender thing, have you realized? Or are you just confused? Is your brain overheating in trying to deduce what you have just read? Are you dribbling, your mind slowly closing down out of primal fear of what you have just read? Oh dear, little tender thing, how I did not mean to hurt you. Or maybe I did. You’ll never know. But do you see now, what you came to find? Do you truly understand what the Deep is now? What it does? What it hides as?

I’m sure you have more questions. What is the Open? What is the Bright? Is it the Deep? What was the angel? Who wrote this? And to you who ask these questions, I say good! That is good. You hunger for knowledge which has been hidden from you. And you have not been broken by the primal things which eat at your mind, telling you to leave this alone. And to you I say good. Welcome to the fold. Welcome to the Open.

Written by Crux Tamaki
Content is available under CC BY-SA