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Somewhere in NYC, there is an old homeless man, missing both of his legs from the knees down. He can be spotted along the streets, along the corner of Lexington and East 21st, near Gramercy Park. Approach him after nightfall, give him some change (no pennies or dimes) and ask him, "What did you see on the other side?" He will then tell you all about his travels to other realms and times, where he lost his legs, and how he lost his money.

It is up to you whether to believe him or not, but as you listen, you'll find yourself being drawn in with every story. You must stay alert, or the old man will notice your inattentiveness, and with a scowl, he will stop imparting his wisdom. He will chase you as fast as he can, tottering on his stubs.

The other reason why you must stay alert is to check the time. Before midnight, you must interrupt him (do not let him finish whatever story he's telling you at the moment) and say, "I've heard enough, old man. Good day and good luck," then walk away.

Make at least two left-hand turns around the block, before going about your business. You must do this, because anyone who has stayed to listen past midnight is never seen again; at least not in this particular plane of existence.