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I work the night shift at my local hospital. It wouldn't be that bad, except that the place is almost abandoned as I live in a rural part of town, and so the place only has a few staff members on at all times. I remember this one night so perfectly - as if it only happened yesterday. The year was 2018, snow fell from the sky, slowly piling up on top of the rooves of cars. I took the elevator, my usual route. Something seemed off about that day, the atmosphere felt...different. As I went to get out of the elevator, I felt breath behind my neck. I spin round immediately, hands ready in a fist. Expecting to see someone there - I was confused when I seemed to be alone. Only then did I notice something odd about the back of the elevator. Two large holes seemed to be pierced through the metal - holes that I swear were not there earlier. Shaken and a little freaked out, I walk out of the elevator and run to my designated area.

Everything seems to run smoothly for the next couple of hours. I'm attending to the few patients that need to be regularly checked up on and that's that. Just as I begin relaxing in my swivel chair, I hear this unearthly scream coming from one of the patients rooms. I run over to check what's wrong and I'm greeted with a horrific scene. Blood is coating the floor and walls, said patient is over in the corner with his hands on his face. I rush over to ask what happened.

The patient mumbled something about 'monster' before returning to his crying fit. I tried to comfort him and attempted to remove his hands from his face. He tried to stop me, but I forcefully removed them so I could look him in the eye to tell him everything was going to be okay. But once I saw his face, I screamed. Where there should've been his eyes, were two massive horns that seemed to be shoved into his eye sockets.

I gag as I run for the door to call out for help - but then I see it. Beyond the shadows, a tall, skinny man with a grin on his face. He looked half normal - except for the massive horns sticking out of where his eyes should be.