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Blacktown was a normal town, at least from 1915-1985, on  Friday, September 13th, 1985 everything changed, Let’s get on to the story.

It was Wednesday, September 11th, 1985. Jennifer Emper and Mark Emper had their first day of school! After that hustle, they went home. When at home they went outside to play! But when they did, they felt something was watching them. When they felt something was watching them they quickly went inside where they were safe with their mom.

While they were home they wanted to tell their mom but, they didn’t because their mom would not believe them, she is a mom! Anyways, the next day they came back to school. While on the second floor in class they looked out the window,

They saw a dark figure, looking at them, below the: Welcome To Blacktown sign. They tried to stop thinking about it, after school they didn’t see the figure anymore.

As their mom came to pick them up they saw the figure at a house 3 buildings away from school. The house number was 333. They wondered if the figure liked the number 3? As they were home they researched all the houses with the number 3 around, surprisingly where they first saw the figure was house 33, there were 20 houses which had the number 3. And with that number of houses, they were worried. 1 week later they heard in the newspaper “ Police are tangled with calls of a dark figure staring at children and adults.” They gasped, they looked at each other and knew what to do. They worked for hours on the plan. The plan was:

  1. Get your light bulbs and lamps ( NEEDS TO BE BATTERY OPERATED)
  2. Put them together
  3. Done.

The next day they went near house 33333. They saw the figure and one of them drew what they saw. They saw: Nothing.

But when they did see something, they saw the figure, it looked like the figure was weaker! With that, the kids lured the figure into their house, and put light into its face. It turned out to be: their GRANDFATHER! They asked, “why?” He said, “I needed to come back to deal with some business.” They said “what business?” he said “You know that figure you have been seeing? It was me, but there used to be a figure terrorizing the town, mostly me. I have to get revenge, and I think it is coming for you two!” They both gasped in surprise. They heard footsteps near, they all hid in the closet once the original figure came in. It came in looking in the living room, next to the kitchen, next to the basement, next to the bathroom and then the four bathrooms but they were in the living room.

Grandpa came out of the closet and beat the figure up! The figure said “ OWWWWW!” As it was laying on the floor, mom called the school staff as she was the superintendent of the Blacktown school district. All schools were shut down. They put the figure outside in the dumpster. They all went up to the master bedroom. They started watching the newest monster movie! The movie was called the mayhem of the giant snake! And then after the movie, Grandpa told us about the origins of The Figure. “Well.” He started with, “ Here I go, The Figure used to be a young child through 1921-1934. He started hunting me down because, as a child, he was very mistreated, so he thought other children would have to feel what he felt as a child. And I was born in 1948 so it was around 20 years old. But, by 3 days of hunting me down, he turned into something I don’t know what but something. That is all I know.” Meanwhile, at the dumpster, The Figure woke up from the 3-hour coma, it got upstairs, the rest of the family got their slingshots and, Mark Emper got out so the rest of the family could shoot. Once The Figure came in The Figure opened its mouth. The family got up! And shot the figure with rocks and finally, it disappeared out of nowhere. And they lived happily ever after I think?