__***These footages are extremely secure and secret under some circumstances. Some horrors may be found, and we highly recommend to not to enter the location where the footage takes place. For the ones who have permission to watch/read this footage, please watch/read at your very own risk***__

-==RECORDING STARTED: 19:34 September 19 2006==-

Greg: Bro, i just had the most tastiest meal in MONTH!

Finn: And what was it?

Greg: Some delicious eggs with bacon and cheese. Basically toast, but without bread.

Finn: Is it really that tasty?

Greg: For me, it really is!

Charley: Ok, i'm here!

Harold: So, what are we up to?

Charley: Well, i just recently got my Car lisence, so i wanna drive very much!

Greg: Wait, now?

Harold: What, are you afraid?

Greg: No...

Finn: I'm excited!

Charley: So, let's go then! Greg...

Greg: Oh, fine! I'm coming with you all. But only because i want to sit in your car!

Harold: Sure.

Finn: Should'nt we bring Joey too?

Charley: Nah, he's annoying as hell.

Finn: But he also got his own car too, so we can...

Harold: Drive seperate, hell no!

Finn: No, do a racing contest!

Charley: Mmm, sounds cool to me!

Greg: There is a very long road where you can perfectly race, but that's out of town.

Finn: The northern, southern or eastern side?

Greg: Eastern...

Harold: Oh, shit...

Greg: What?

Harold: That's the road where 9 people got missing, AND an creepy ass house is standing there!

Charley: The Out Road

Harold: By the way, i don't think that ''house'' is the right term to use it...

Charley: Weird structure?

Harold: Even worse...

Finn: Ok, guys! I called Joey, and he likes to do a race!

Charley: Very nice, i've been looking forward by beating him into the ground!

Greg: Ok, dude. Calm down...

Charley: I was just kidding!

10 minutes later

Charley: What took you so long?

Joey: Sorry, i needed to clean up the kitchen. It was a lot of mess!

Finn: Ok, so. Who drives with who?

Harold: I go with Charley, cuz he has an BMW.

Finn: Do Brands really matter?

Charley: With racing, especially!

Joey: Oh, then i don't think you saw my beautifull green Brera!

Greg: Holy f*ck...

Finn: I'm going with Joey!

Greg: Me too!

Charley: Agh, shit...

Harold: Well, we just need to wait who wins...

Joey: Alright, let's go mister!

Charley: Now, show me what you got!

Joey: You bet!

Charley: YEEESSS!!!



Joey: He's gonna regret this, i'll show him...






Finn: Umm, JOEY!!! LOOK OUT!!


Charley: OOHHH, SHIIIIT!!!!


20 Minutes later

... ...

Greg: Oww, my head...

Joey: Mmm, huh. What happened?

Greg: I think we crashed...

Joey: Wait, where is Finn?

Finn: What the heck, i just landed into a bush!

Greg: Are you ok, Finn?

Finn: Of course, but it's so strange that i was in a car, and then landed into a bush!

Greg: And it's pretty dark now...

Joey: Wait, where are Harold and Charley?

Greg: They crashed too.

Finn: The car is not here...

Greg: Look! You can see the trial of the car wheels.

Joey: But it's going towards a pretty dark place of The Out Road...

Finn: Wait, are we still in The Out Road?

Greg: Yes, and you can see the town WAY over there.

Joey: That's like 8 miles away from us...

Finn: Wait, Joey. Does your car still work?

Joey: Lemme check...

Greg: Dude! How are we gonna get back to town! It's almost 9 PM!

Finn: I don't know about you, but we are going to look for Harold and Charley!

Greg: Maybe, they are already gone?

Finn: We are still going to look for them!

Joey: Engine is busted, but i can fix that in 25 minutes...

Greg: Wait, you brought tools with you?

Joey: I always do, just in case.

Finn: Looks like no signal here...

Greg: Guess we need to wait...

15 Minutes later


Greg: Geez! What the hell was that!

Finn: That didn't sound so good!

Greg: Of course it isn't, dumbo!

Finn: Where did that came from?

Greg: I don't know, maybe from the dark part of the road...

Finn: Maybe it's Charley or Harold...

Greg: How?

Finn: Guess we need to find out!

Greg: Hell no! I'm staying here in the car!

Finn: You aren't just gonna sit there!

Joey: Guys, i think this is going to take longer than expected...

Greg: F*ck...

Finn: Then we most look for Charley and Harold

Joey: Is it just me, or is it scary here?

Greg: Of course it is...

Finn: So, let's go!


Joey: Bruh, even the trees are scary here...

Greg: Have you never saw giant willow trees?

Joey: Guess not...

Finn: Looks like they have slipped for a long time...

Joey: If the trial stops, we just need to walk forward.


Finn: The trial stopped...

Joey: F*ck!

Greg: What could possibly go wrong?

Joey: I don't know, someone steals the car...

Greg: Wait, you didn't lock the car!

Joey: Of course i did!

Greg: Thank gosh...

Finn: Umm, guys. I think i found Charley's car...

Greg: Holy heck!

Joey: It's really Charley's BMW!

Finn: Both Charley and Harold are not found in the car...

Greg: There is also a little bit of blood near the ditch.

Joey: Maybe someone fell into the ditch...

Greg: Umm, i don't see anyone in there.

Finn: Joey, can you also fix this car?

Joey No, sorry. This car is way too broken...

Greg: I did found a car wheel in the ditch!

Finn: Well, it's better to don't go into the water.

Joey: Look. The car smashed so hard, it even broke a willow tree.

Greg: Damn, now i doubt if they are ok...

Finn: Umm, guys. I think you need to look here.

Greg: Oh my gosh, that's A LOT of blood!

Joey: It leads to somewhere.

Finn: Oh no, remember the story Harold told of about 9 people got missing on this road?

Greg: And that creepy ass building...

Joey: Ok now i really have the tendency to run away!

Finn: Me too, but we need to musture our courage into finding Charley and Harold!



Greg: The blood is going left and right, and... Oh no!

Joey: There is that f*cking building!


Finn: If they don't answer, we are screwed...

Joey: Oh, definitely!

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