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The following are the translated journal entries of the French scientist Auguste Martin. These entries describe his experiment, "The Inbetween", which involved the thoughts of a human mind and the human consciousness itself. Auguste was found dead in his home on January 29th, 2002. Due to Auguste being retired, he performed the experiment on himself, which is theorized to be the cause of his death. A note was found near his body wishing for the entries to be archived, as he was "so close to the answer", a quote which was found on the last page. The entries were refused to be archived, and his experiment was never to be re-enacted due to its violent nature.

Entry 1, Date: June 4th, 1998:

We all have a consciousness. Whether it is our dreams or our actions, they're all produced by our own thoughts.

I had an idea, however. Where do our thoughts go when we don't need them anymore? What happens to them? We don't forget about them, but yet, we don't think about them either. What could explain this?

I've been thinking about that idea for years, even after my retirement. It's such a complex thought. There's not really an answer, just a single thought. Hell, one day, maybe that thought will go away when I don't need it anymore. But where would it go to? This journal will be dedicated to the progress of the answer to this idea. If I cannot find the answer, then I hope that in the future, fellow scientists will use these entries as notes. I will proceed with the experiment tomorrow, as I've yet to ready my equipment.

Entry 2, Date: June 5th, 1998:

This will be the start of the experiment that I call "The Inbetween Theory", which I will add to as this experiment goes on. The base of this theory is that, after a thought is no longer needed, such as the thought of eating a certain food, that thought will go to a certain part of the brain, where it will be kept. I've attached Tungsten microsurgical needle electrodes on my head in a square-like formation (2 on the forehead, while 2 are on the back). These electrodes are connected to a monitor, which will study my brainwaves and how they change during certain thoughts. From this day, I will perform this experiment on myself for roughly 1-3 hours. Here's hoping I'll be able to break new boundaries with this experiment.

Entry 3, Date: June 6th, 1998:

First Attempt. Thoughts Without Action:

During this attempt I was sitting in my chair while thinking of running. The brainwaves were shown as SMR.

Results: None.

Notes: After removing the electrodes from my head, I started hearing whispers. The whispers were barely noticeable, however, and I only heard them while I was trying to sleep. They ended after I took 1 tab of Acetaminophen.

Entry 4, Date: June 7th, 1998:

Second Attempt. Thoughts With Action:

I did the opposite of my last attempt. This time, I thought of sitting while I ran on a treadmill. The electrodes were still connected to my head while I moved the monitor in front of the treadmill to my line of sight to monitor the brainwaves while running. The brainwaves were shown as BETA.

Results: unknown. It could be possible that the combination of me thinking of sitting and me running at the same time could've made the waves more active.

Notes: In the middle of running, the monitor showed BETA waves, however, it also showed the same brainwaves as SMR. My vision also started to get slightly blurry after 4 minutes of running, but there were no signs of fatigue.

Entry 5, (unknown writing), 1998

Third Attempt. The Whispers:

I decided to try and bring back the whispers I heard during my first attempt. However, while doing so, I was thinking casually while I had my eyes closed in a meditative-like state. Brainwaves came back as THETA.

Results: The whispers did return, but other than that, nothing.

Notes: While being displayed as THETA, the waves themselves showed as GAMMA. My head also started to hurt after 2 minutes in this state. The whispers were unintelligible, however, I did hear the word "MEMBE". I believe these "whispers" are actually my own thoughts! I will try again tomorrow. If only science experiments was this easy back then!



(the writing beyond this point slowly starts getting more and more sloppy, until it is eventually just scribbles).

It should be mentioned that Madeline was the ex-wife of Auguste before passing away in 1992 due to stomach cancer.

Entry 6: (the writing on this entry is various lines, roughly resembling brainwaves)

I don't know what happened yesterday. I recently read my last entry, and I'm more puzzled than ever. I only remember the whispers turning to voices, and the voices turning to visions of Madeline. I can't remember what caused this yesterday, but I may or may not have awakened the memories I suppressed so much. But I need to know more. I need to remember more. I will continue my experiment, but I will stop updating this journal, as I believed my experiment was a success. Maybe those visions were the Inbetween. Maybe my own conscious tried it's best to suppress the memories while I was remembering them, causing me to go into a frenzy-like state. Whatever it was, however, I need to know more.