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The Insight

(Keep in mind this story is meant to be choppy and sound very odd i hope you enjoy)

The Insight is a creepy place in the cosmos, that every human can visit. The only way to enter is through time, space, dreams, and death. I don't suggest even trying to go to this horrible place, you will regret every second due to the things you will see. Life will become horrifying as your eyes will see the cosmic beings that we as humans cannot see normally. With faces that no human could even begin to explain nor comprehend. To stop viewers from trying to reach this place I will share my story.

Meditation is dangerous, you can enter places you wouldn't ever comprehend. I have been meditating for years and, finally I have found the place I was looking for named "The Insight" that nearly nobody knows about. This part of the cosmos is the home to some of the most ancient beings known to the human eyes. The souls of these beings infiltrate your mind and fill your head with some of the most important information I could comprehend, such as the meaning of life, is there a god or gods, and even more things you couldn't begin to comprehend. My mind has fully reached its limits letting me think freely as insanity continues to endure. These beings have taken a toll on me my heart and my mind are one. Why did I try to ever reach this place. I know GOD... I have seen them. they are not human, they are one of those cosmic beings. they will make you obsessed, and on the edge of insanity just like me. Time changes, voices morph, you see these beings everywhere, fear is constant, focus is gone. They are always watching me. Their faces are burned into my thoughts, faces so unclear.. So Horrifying that you know you cant escape. My blood is rushing as they slowly feed off my body. Their knowledge is mine as mine is theirs. Close your eyes, they still watch, climbing into your mind as they slowly push more and more. I know everything, every language, every picture. I know the sins of every being on this planet. Don't go stay safe. Don't let them climb. DONT LET THEM IN