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I was walking down the street on a warm day, when I saw someone come up to me.

They were standing right in frount of me.

I asked them to move, but made sure I didn't seem too harsh.

They refused, and continued to stand there. I tried walking on the other side of the road, but they would still come up to me.

They were wearing a hoodie so I couldn't tell too much about this person- although I was annoyed, I decided to keep switching different sides of the road.

I felt a hand touch me, but I didn't see anyone near me. I turned around but still, no one in sight.

"Move." I heard a fading voice say. Once again, no one in sight.

I eventually started running home, but even as I entered the door I felt another hand touch my upper limb, it actually felt like the hand was going through my skin and touching my actual teres muscle.

I wasn't imagining things, I never daydream. But for some reason, I kept feeling hands touch my shoulders.

I turned around, and this time there was someone there.

That same person who was blocking me on the street. He ran across my house, and I had no idea where he was. I never heard a door slam, so I assumed he was still inside my house.

I still felt hands touch my shoulders.

Nobody there.

Hands touched my shoulders once more, and I came to one conclusion.

Maybe, even if I'm wrong, whoever is doing this must be invisible.