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So, do you want to gain fame and fortune? Maybe you want to gain endless amounts of riches, or become a movie star. Well, there is a way for you to gain that, by playing this game. Well, it really isn't a game, more like a ritual. Read on, if you want to know.

What you need:

-Four participants (or more)

-A park with lots of equipment (and that also has a gate with at least two openings that can be locked)

-One flashlight for each player

-A candle

-A lighter


1.Go to the park an hour before midnight with your friends, flashlights (if you choose to play with them), the lighter, and candle. If there are any other people in the park besides your group, DO NOT PROCEED. Leave the park, go home, and don't try to play this game again until someone in your group has died. If no one else is at the park, then proceed. Wait until it is 5 minutes before midnight.

2.Go to the center of the park and light the candle. All participants must hold hands and sit around the candle. Say the following words 4 times:

"We wish to play a game with you, Invisible Man. Let's play.

"We know the rules and what will happen if we fail, Invisible Man. Let's play."

3.If the candle does not go out, then the game has failed. Pack up your stuff and go home. However, if it does go out... then run and find a place to hide. You have 60 seconds.

4.Stay in your hiding place until 6 a.m, or he finds you. (You may move from hiding spot to hiding spot.)


1.Hide alone. If you hide with other people, they might make extra noise and.... he might come for you.

2.If you hear rustling, heavy footsteps, or an old man's voice, shine your flashlight toward the noise and say, "Invisible man, I have a pass!" This will keep him at bay for 60 seconds. You can only use this 4 times, so use it wisely.

3.More players are better. You have a greater chance of surviving if you have 50 players instead of four players.


1.As soon as the candle goes out, you may not leave the park until 6 a.m.

2.Don't hide near the candle, or else you might see him. Trust me, you don't want to see what he looks like.

3.Don't scream until the game is over.

Concerning Cheating:


These are the following conditions for cheating:

-Shining your flashlights at him more than 4 times


-Destroying the candle

-Trying to leave the park before the game is over

-Hurting other players(except when you give the candle to them. See:Additional notes.

-Still playing even though there are other people in the park besides your group

If you cheat, then you have to find the lighter and light the candle. Pick up the candle and start walking around the park until you find another player. Give them the candle, and then run back to the center.

Additional notes:

-The person who dies will often be the oldest, and the cause of death is usually an illness or heart attack. The person will most likely die in a few days.

-The candle should be black, but other colors are allowed. (You'll have a greater chance of survival if you use a black candle.)

-Giving the candle to another player symbolizes giving the responsibility of your misdeeds to someone else. This means that they will go missing a few days after you played the game. This is the only time you can hurt another player. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO LET ANOTHER PLAYER GO MISSING, OR IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH GOING MISSING IF YOU GET THE CANDLE.

Concerning winning and losing:

If you win: congratulations! You will become famous in a couple of days. It will most likely be because you saved someone from dying, a viral video starring you, or something else. Anyways, enjoy your newfound fame, just don't get greedy and entitled.

If you lose: I'm so sorry.... Everyone you know, even the ones who only took a glance at you or said only one word to you, will forget about your existence. This includes the players in the ritual. If you try to talk to them, they will ignore you as if you aren't there. You will become a ghost, nothing more. Even worse, you will constantly hear whispers behind you, talking about how terrible you are, reminding you about all of the embarrassing things you ever did, and over all making you feel terrible and wishing that you never played the game. And if you ever scream back at them, your mind will be bombarded with horrifying images.

Makes you wish that you never played the game, huh?