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The Invitation Game is a game that is not for the faint of heart but is easy to do. It is a game that, when played, allows you to invite spirits into your home, using household items and one simple phrase. But be warned, if done at the wrong time, or if you don’t follow the rules correctly, you can anger the spirit, and it will either haunt your home, hurt someone in the house, or worse, will cause a slow and painful death to the person or people in the living space.

For The Invitation Game, you will need a candle and matches. To play, one must wait until nightfall. It doesn’t have a specific time, as the spirit you may summon will awaken 2-3 hours after the sun first comes down. But the best time to play would be from 11PM-2AM, as the ritual has a better chance of working. If more than one person is playing, they need to hold hands when saying the chant. If not, then you must clasp your hands tight.

To start, you must turn off all the lights in the room, but the ritual will work better if the whole home is dark. Light the candle, using matches mentioned as needed, and position the candle in the middle of the room. You or everyone in the room must chant, “Spiritus, invenient me” 14 times while your or everyone’s eyes are closed. Once the phrase has been repeated enough, the person in the middle must ask: “If a spirit is here, give us a sign.” If the ritual is done correctly, you will hear a knock on the room’s entrance door. You must say: “Welcome! Feel free to stay.”

Now, don’t leave or turn on the lights yet! This moment is your opportunity to tell the spirit the rules of the home. Tell them the rules, such as “You can’t go here,” or “Don’t hurt anyone.” The spirit must follow these rules. If not followed, you can make the spirit leave by saying. “This was never your home.” After that is done, go to sleep.

Now a spirit is in the home. It will do what you would like it to do. Whether it is to help around the house, prank certain folks, do your bidding, or anything else that can be done inside the home. But, if you don’t follow the rules correctly, the spirit will not follow your rules and will do the things described before. But if you do not give any rules, the spirit will feel free to stay and drag everyone… straight to hell.