We all know that kid in the corner of the class, right? You know, the one with the glasses and grey sweatshirt, who has no friends. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about.

Well, have you ever spoken to that one person? Maybe you have noticed (and this differs if you find the correct person) that they seem to talk about death at least once during your conversation. You may be thinking, “Why’d he (or she) bring such a topic into this conversation?”

You still following me? Good. Now, what he sees isn’t what you see. He doesn’t see a teacher, neither a class full of children. What he sees is very hellish, inhuman. You may also say he sees the fourth dimensional place.

His outcast from society has caused him to have a mental breakdown, thus creating this false reality he lives in now. What he sees is not what you see. You may even see him talking to himself at times. What he’s talking to isn’t human in his mind. If you decide to talk to him he would become quite happy, but be careful for what you say as his sanity is on the edge of being completely destroyed.

He’d become homicidal as his psyche would be chipped apart, quite painfully actually. Almost like driving a screwdriver through your temple very slowly. Who knows what could happen? It happened in Columbine and also in several other schools across North America. Don’t believe me? Go and see for yourself. Go talk to that kid in the corner of the class and see if anything I had just said isn’t true.

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