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Nothing is better than a good laugh. Or that's what I've heard.

It's been 3 years since I began working for the Ferrara candy company, and everyday is just hell. I work at a Ferrara factory near Cheyenne in a deserted area. I wake up in my tiny house in the suburbs, get in my car, and drive about 45 minutes to the factory and work 7 to 3. Everyday including the weekends. Like I said, it's just hell. I work on moving the packages full of candy in and out of the box trucks, which means I have to carry around heavy boxes of Laffy Taffies and Nerds for 8 whole hours. Sure, there's breaks, but they feel so short. When I finally get to leave, I call my friends for a drink. Ron is a teacher, Jimmy's a doctor, and Gerald's an employee at McDonald's. And I... I'm a laborer. I couldn't find a decent job, so I ended up working at a factory.

It sucks.

Which is probably why I don't laugh anymore, since hard labor taught me how stupid laughing can be. I don't even laugh with my friends, which is saying something because all of them are complete jokesters. They always joke around how I'm "Dr. Anti-Laff", which is a pretty lame nickname in my opinion. Anyways, it was October 6, and I was getting ready for work. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair (Which was useless since my hair always gets messed up in the plastic helmet), and ate a simple breakfast. Then, I grabbed my car key and got in my 2002 Ford Explorer. I drove to the factory, depressed as always. Once I arrived, I got out of my car and went in through one of the doors to start my day.

Welcome to hell!

It was the 6th hour, and I was already about to collapse. My hands were sore from moving all the boxes, and I was covered in sweat. I decided to squat down and rest for a bit.

"Need some water, John?" One of the workers called out.

"Yeah." I manage to say.

As I was chugging down the bottle of water, something caught my eye. In one of the trucks, there was a single box inside it, which was barely noticeable. I sat up, and approached the truck.

"Hey, did anybody see this truck park here?" I asked my fellow workers.

"No." They all responded.

This was strange, because trucks normally would have multiple boxes inside them. But this one only had one box inside. Out of curiosity, I decided to check what this box was all about. I climbed inside the truck, reached the box, and pulled it out. It was surprisingly light, which was very unexpected. I decided to inspect the box, and noticed that the package printing was in another language. I could also see an unfamiliar logo printed on the box that didn't look like the Ferrara logo". But other than that, it was just an ordinary cardboard box.

"Does anybody recognize this logo?" I asked, holding up the box.

All the workers squinted and shook their heads, and went back to work. I stared at the box for a few minutes, wondering what I should do with it. After a while, I decided to open it and see what was inside, because the curiosity was killing me. I grabbed a box cutter, and gently slid the blade across the tape. After that, I slowly opened the box, afraid that it might explode. After I fully opened it, all I could see was one thing at the bottom of the box.

A single Laffy Taffy.

This was confusing in so many ways. A million questions racked around my brain. Who sent this here? Why is there a Laffy Taffy in here? And why is there only ONE Laffy Taffy? I reached in the box and pulled out the Laffy Taffy. It was a simple Laffy Taffy with the wrapper and all, but as I got to take a closer look, I almost dropped the Laffy Taffy and screamed. The wrapper had the basic Laffy Taffy logo, but it was like the words were covered in thick blood. At the bottom of the logo, it read "Jokes on every kill!" with a scary looking font which looked like blood was dripping from the letters. And at the bottom of the wrapper, I could see the flavor, which was "BLOOD". The wrapper appeared to be a dark blood color, and with the words and all, it looked pretty terrifying. I flipped the Laffy Taffy over, hoping to see some regular nutrition facts, but all the text was replaced with "BLOOD". And as always, there was a joke like any Laffy Taffy wrapper had. And it read: "What do you call a murder in a bathtub? A BLOODBATH!" And mysteriously, there was the same unfamiliar logo on the bottom corner of the wrapper that was on the box.

For a few minutes I had no words. But after a while, I smirked. This was probably a prank set up by a bunch of stupid teenagers and somehow sent this Laffy Taffy to this factory. They probably wanted to scare some people. They also probably had a horrible sense of humor. Knowing that there was nothing interesting about the "bloody" Laffy Taffy, I decided to throw it away. I was walking up the the trash can when it hit me.

"I could use this stupid thing to scare my friends..." I thought.

So I put the Laffy Taffy (I don't even know if it IS a Laffy Taffy) inside my pockets and continued to work.

It was 3:30 PM, and I already promised my friends to meet up at the bar. As I was driving, I was finally glad that I was out of the factory, until I realized I had to work tomorrow too. I arrived at the bar at 3:55, and when I went inside, I could see my friends waiting for me. We talked about all sorts of stuff, such as work, the news, the weather, jokes, and other funky stuff. At this point, I completely forgot about the fake Laffy Taffy that was in my pocket. After what seemed like 5 minutes, I could see it was already 8 PM.

"Jeez, look at the time!" Ron stated. "We should be going home now."

Everybody nodded and agreed, since there was nothing else to talk about. We said our goodbyes, and everybody left the bar. When I got to my car, I reached into my pocket to grab my keys. But when I was doing so, I felt the Laffy Taffy that I forgot about.

"I forgot to scare my friends with this!" I thought while pulling out the Laffy Taffy.

It didn't matter that much anyways. I'll just have to throw this away when I get home. I put the fake Laffy Taffy back into my pocket and entered my car. I was driving to my house when it hit me again. All of my friends were jokesters, and they would have loved a good scare. So I had an idea to go to one of my friend's house and give them the Laffy Taffy. I get to get rid of it, AND one of my friends would get scared. It's a win win!

I changed directions, and headed towards Gerald's house. The sun was already down, and it was beginning to get very dark. I turned on my headlights, and after a while, I could see Gerald's house. It was not so different than mine, expect his house was a two story. I parked my car on a curb and got out. It was cold, since it was October. I was trying not to freeze to death. I hurried over to his house and knocked on his door. I could hear footsteps coming from inside. I got out the fake Laffy Taffy, getting ready to scare him. A second later, Gerald opened the door.

"Oh, hi John!" Gerald said. "Why are you here? It's late!"

"I just wanted to give you... a present for being such a good friend." I mischievously say.


Without hesitation, I quickly pulled out the Laffy Taffy from behind my back and threw it at him. Surprised, Gerald quickly grabbed the Laffy Taffy.

"What's this?" He held up the Laffy Taffy, his eyes on the wrapper. "AHHHH!" He quickly threw the Laffy Taffy back at me and stumbled back. "W-why is it covered in blood?"

I caught the Laffy Taffy and smiled. "It's not real blood. It's just the wrapper."

Gerald took a step forward and took a closer look at the wrapper. "Wow John, where did you find this thing?"

I shrugged. "I just found it in a random box in a random truck. It's probably just a joke set up by teenagers."

"Hm." Gerald says. "Why don't you come into my house so we can inspect it?"

"Uhh.. Okay I guess.." I mumbled. "But why do we need to inspect this thing?"

Gerald took the Laffy Taffy out of my hands. "Maybe we could sell this thing. I mean, Creepypasta lovers would totally buy this!"

And with that, we both went inside his house. We went into the living room and put the mysterious Laffy Taffy down on a round table. "Definitely doesn't look like a original Laffy Taffy..." Gerald talks under his breath.

"Yeah. I would say this is just crappy homemade stuff." I say.

Gerald flipped the wrapper over, and groaned. "Seriously? A 'bloodbath'?"

"Yeah, real funny. I know."

We just sit there for a few minutes, not saying a single word, while staring at the Laffy Taffy.

Suddenly, Gerald says: "Should we try eating it?"

This was so unexpected, I had no idea what he said. "Excuse me?"

"I mean, we only know what the wrapper looks like," he said, "but we don't know what's inside the wrapper!"

"And you think we're suppose to eat whatever's in that thing?" I declare. "No thanks! Might be poisonous!"

Gerald picked up the Laffy Taffy. "C'mon, it might be tasty! The flavor is blood!"

I palm my face.

Ignoring my epic facepalm, Gerald lightly ripped the rapper edge, revealing a dark red candy-like object. "Seems like a regular Laffy Taffy... only blood red..." Gerald took out the candy inside, glaring at it.

"Wait.." I mutter. "GERALD DON'T-"

But it's too late. When I look up, I could see him taking a giant bite out of the Laffy Taffy.

For a moment, we're staring at each other. I'm staring at Gerald chewing the Laffy Taffy, while he's staring at me. Then, out of no where, he screams. The scream is so loud, I jump backwards. I could see Gerald, stuttering like the wind got knocked out of him. His whole body is shaking, and soon he drops the Laffy Taffy in his hands. The stuttering now turned into heavy breathing, and I could see him leaning against the nearest wall. One hand is on his chest, and the other hand is covering his mouth. He stumbles forwards to me, and I stumble backwards. Gerald plops onto the floor, still shaking like a mad man. And with a loud breathe, he begins to throw up on the floor. The puke is disgustingly red, and I could see bits of red stuff coming out of Gerald's mouth. Terrified, I couldn't move. I was just watching Gerald puke on the floor. A few seconds later, Gerald got up, muttering words like "please" and "help". Then he stumbled all across the room, hanged onto a wall and began throwing up again. A few more seconds later, he fell over, banging his head onto the round table. I stand there, paralyzed on what just happened. I gulp and take a step forward, covering my nose.


I can't see his face, because it's facing the table. Maybe he's dead? But no. I can hear a sound. I could see him shaking, and suddenly, he begins giggling. That giggle becomes a laugh, and soon he's laughing maniacally like a lunatic. He lifts his head, revealing disturbing big red eyes. He's laughing so hard, his lips go up to his ears.


His laugh was so loud and crazy, I wanted to cry. But before I could, I could see blood coming out of his laughing mouth. Hot, thick blood. His eyes too, they were bleeding. Then, he began coughing blood all over the place, I kept stepping backwards, but he was stumbling towards me. Now, his laughs seemed like a mix with a maniacal laugh and heavy sobbing. His eyes were on the verge of seeming to pop out of his eye sockets. Still drooling with blood, he begins to laugh, but in a more disturbing way.

"H̸A̵H̸A̶ ̶H̸E̸L̵P̷ ̴H̴A̵H̶A̴ ̶H̸E̷L̵P̶ ̵P̷L̷E̷A̴S̶E̸ ̷J̸O̴H̵N̸ ̵I̷'̴M̶ ̸B̸E̸G̵G̵I̴N̴G̸ ̴Y̶O̶U̴ ̵P̶L̵E̶A̶S̷E̸ ̵H̷A̸H̷A̴H̴A̴H̵A̴H̶ ̵P̷L̷E̵A̴S̵E̵ ̸H̵E̶L̵P̷ ̵M̸E̷"

I had no idea what he was saying, but it was something about me saving him. Gerald was now fully spitting out blood, and his eyes were just getting worse. He leaped across the room crawling to a door. While doing so, he was still laughing like a demented being. When he reached the door, he opened it, revealing a shotgun. He quickly grabbed the shotgun and put it against his head.

"GERALD-" I manage to yell.

But it's no use. With a loud bang, he's blown his head off. The laughing stops. There's blood everywhere across the room. I stand there, horrified, traumatized, and disturbed at the sight of Gerald. He flops to the ground. I just realize that I'm breathing super loudly. I finally think he's dead, but somehow, with half of his face blown off, I hear the laugh.


Gerald stands up, blood coming from inside his head, one of his eyeball was dangling off his face. He limped across the room, coming towards me.

"John.... Please..."

I had enough. To put him out of his misery, I grabbed a pocket knife and stabbed his heart. But it doesn't work, because he's still laughing his head off. LITERALLY. So while crying, I kept stabbing his heart over and over again, which every time made Gerald scream in agony. Then, on the 12th stab or so, he finally plops down on the floor, pale as snow, blood across the floor. I'm also covered in blood, panting with a pocket knife in my hand. I drop the knife and kneel down next to him, not saying a single word.

It has been 2 months since his funeral, and everything seems to have changed. The rest of us stop meeting at the bar. My job seems more depressing. It seems to be getting more colder. One chilly day, I decide to buy some food to eat. I go to the supermarket and spot a box of Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries. I pick that up, pay and go drive to my house. I open the packet and pour a decent amount of cereal in a bowl. Then, I poured the milk and began chewing. I was thinking about the Laffy Taffy incident, how that memory would be stuck in my mind forever. Now I'm traumatized forever, and might never want to smile or laugh again. While I'm half heartedly chewing, something catches my eyes. I reach for the cereal box and take a closer look at the back.



On the bottom corner, I spot the same logo that was on the fake Laffy Taffy.