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One of only 13 covered bridges left in the state of Kentucky, the Colville bridge was built in 1877 in Bourbon County near Paris. It was extensively renovated after it was damaged by floods in 1997 and was recently reopened to traffic and is one of only a handful of covered bridges that can be driven through.

Many years ago in Bourbon County, Kentucky, a young woman was to be married to the love of her life. A couple hours before their wedding, the sister of the bride-to-be was driving her to the location of her wedding, or at least that is what she thought she was doing. Her sister, instead, had taken her all the way out to Colville Covered Bridge, where she brutally murdered her and threw her body over the ridge. Nobody really knows the reason why, but it was suspected that the woman was jealous of her sister's marriage.

They say that if you drive to the Colville Covered Bridge at night (specifically between 10PM-3AM) and sit your car right in the center of it, you will start to hear the weeping of a woman. The longer you sit there, the louder it gets. You might even hear a feminine and soft, yet raspy voice whisper to you. You will also be able to make out a Kentuckian accent if you listen closely enough. If you sit there longer than 20 minutes, the entity will then start to scratch on one of your car door windows.

NEVER unlock any of your doors, turn any lights on (every light must be completely turned off), walk outside of your car (do not even go without a car), and be very quiet or gently whisper. If you break any of these rules, then you are allowing the entity to come and get you.

Have fun, and seriously, stay safe.