Humans. They think they are perfect, immortal beings. They all forget that at some point in history they die. They are then forgotten about and are practically wiped from all history, with the exceptions of death records and the occasional biography. I have experienced this time and time again.

I have experienced it at least five to six billion times. I was the first to ‘die’, the first to ‘end’, the first to ‘disappear’. I am THE eternal being. I am Death. There was no heaven nor was there hell. There was neither God nor Devil. There was only me and the parallel universe some of you humans call the ‘afterlife’.

When I died, I was lonely. I was saddened by this. It was 90 years, and yes, I did count, before I learned I had the ability to simply pluck lives from their bodies. It was always so horrible when they were first dead. The first people I plucked were my friends. It soon escalated though. I was taking people left and right. I felt like a monster. I devised a system to take them at certain times, but it never worked out. I was… you wouldn’t understand.

You may think it’s great to be the eternal being. I hate it. I am cursed with watching people’s lives end. Thousands every day. I can’t stand it. I also have trouble timing your, shall we say, pitiful endings. I never have been able to time them well. A few of you I get to at the right time, a few too early. Some of you are never born, either. The majority of you I get to too late, when your bodies are practically rotting alive; when you are, as you humans would say, old, elderly, etc.

My main purpose was not to kill you, however. My purpose was to reunite families with their dead loved ones. Sure it causes you to die, but it makes you people so happy. You even meet family you never knew of. It took ages to bring you all here, considering you are all basically one family.

It must sadden you that it will happen to you some day. As a matter of fact I know it will. I wish you would understand how I was, but you don’t have the ability to comprehend it. Soon you will though. It will be your time soon. Your age I know not. All I know is you are young. Too young. But your family has called for you to join them, and I cannot deny them. I will see you in a few days, my friend.

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