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On the 17th of April, 1991, an unexplainable “eldritch abomination-like” event occurred in a large town known as Pandora, in Canada. This event lasted from 1:37 PM on the 17th, up until 3:59 AM on the 18th. The event had begun with the build-up of a sinister, brownish-yellow cloud, which the sky was said to have been slowly transformed into. Upon further inspection, the cloud appeared to have motionless, fleshy tendrils hanging from its mists, and “veins” also appeared in the clouds. The clouds almost appeared fleshy, but this flesh appeared to be rotting, and according to survivors of the incident, had a very foul stench, which tempted onlookers to retreat indoors, while continuing to view what the sky had become. The sky’s transformation ensued panic in the public, leading to emergency hotlines being flooded with calls asking about the incident.

By 1:59 PM, EAS broadcasts played in Pandora, urging people to stay inside and avoid being outdoors without reason. By 2:30 PM, there had been reports of egg-like matter falling from the sky. These “eggs", when they had hit the ground, began to spread the same biomass that the sky was composed of; the same sickly brown rotting flesh which was spreading almost like tendrils, consuming anything in a 10-20 meter radius. People who did not remain indoors and stood near the spreading mass contracted a sort of infection.


Pandora-L5 was a sickly parasitic disease that reigned from the sky’s ”flesh”. When contracting the disease, subjects would immediately experience the growth of additional eyes and other grotesque growths across random areas of the body, as clusters of holes formed, oozing an unidentifiable liquid which is suggested to be blood plasma mutated by the disease. As the disease consumed the subject and mangled them beyond their regular humanoid shape, they would become a parasitic instance of the sky, which would attack uninfected humans or animals until dead. Upon killing a human or animal, their body biomass (flesh, muscle, organs) would be integrated into the sky, through a tremendously long organ of some sort, which appeared to be like a tube... which sucked up dead remains to help with the sky’s parasitic growth. The biomass itself too would become the very same foul, rotting brown flesh that the clouds and sky were composed of at this point.

Response to the situation[]

As 39 inhabitants of Pandora were subject to infection and countless numbers of humans and animals killed, the town declared total emergency. Officials in Pandora were quick to set up an exclusion zone to prevent the spread of the parasite from the sky. By 3:06 PM, after the failure of heavily armed law enforcement units to control the situation in Pandora, reinforcements from the Canadian Military arrive to set up a perimeter in the exclusion zone and to eliminate those fully transformed by the parasite.

The grotesque veins that grew across the sky appeared to become even larger and more rotten. This had become a concern for officials at Pandora.

They were in every right path to be concerned.

By 7:31 PM, these veins began to project a light that was close to the ultraviolet range. This light, when viewed via the naked eye, would cause those who were unfortunate to spiral into insanity. Those who viewed the light without proper equipment would begin to yell profusely about Angra Mainyu, the Zoroastrian embodiment of all that was deemed evil. Those who went insane by viewing the lights were apprehended, checked for infection, and were sent away to psychiatric units for mental evaluation.

Not much had changed in the following night, until the morning at roughly around 1:39 AM. Observers reported that the sky’s organic form had appeared to spread beyond the town of Pandora, which created great concern for the neighbouring towns, which could have suffered the same fate as Pandora. At around this time, a strange flower-like formation was growing at the center of the sky. This flower formation was horrific. The growth appeared to have a mouth with unformed teeth, and eyes that were devoid of an iris. As police constable Hardy Warrens had stated, ”it was something out of some Lovecraftian nightmare, that shit is going to fucking scar me forever”.

Nuclear Strike[]

By 2:51 AM, the order was passed by the Canadian Government to attempt to destroy the “living sky" above Pandora with a precise nuclear weapon. Considering that Canada had no nuclear weapons at the time, the Canadian Government requested president George H.W. Bush to authorize the firing of a light tactical nuke.

No evacuation order was given, and by 3:59 AM, the living sky above Pandora was destroyed with a well placed nuclear strike, obliterating the biomass. Unfortunately at the same time, the Town of Pandora was tainted with radiation, giving many survivors of the event radiation sickness that they had to endure for the rest of their lives. But the real sickness they had to deal with was living with the horror of what they saw in Pandora.

The sky became alive.