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The skies were filled with winged creatures who used golden rings as weapons, and the ground was flooded with human and creature corpses alike. You see, they came long ago, hidden in legend and history. They made us believe they were god, and we accepted it for so long. Then, non-believers started become high in numbers across the globe. You see, there were many cults, and on this day, they all came together. They devised a plan to get rid of these creatures of ancient mystery, to be free of the suppression of technology. They made a plan, and it angered the creatures.

On this one day, everyone was free, brought together by death, working together for a common goal. Wars against each other stopped, and in their place took the biggest war the world will ever see. Mankind was stuck with nothing but itself and its own creations. One man, among the 10 billion that were left on this struggling planet, was chosen to choose. One man, given nothing but two buttons. Two choices. Two outcomes. Two species. He chose the only one he could in his fear of death: to kill the creatures, at the cost of Earth.

The shuttles were boarded, two thousand people to start a new life, on another planet. As they left, they were greeted by the screech of two races, dying together. When they stopped, it seemed time did as well, to the people on the shuttles. For they were caught as well, trapped in the war forever.

The skies were filled with winged creatures…

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