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I'm usually a guy who likes to explore old and abandon towns that have been forgotten. It's one of my weird but cool fascinations that I like to do when I'm bored and feel like there is nothing to do. But last week made me question if it was really worth it to risk my life for some random location I've never heard of! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back to the beginning to where it all began!

My name is Frank Miller, and like I said before, I love to explore abandon towns. I really like the dark and creepy atmosphere to them. I have been doing it for almost five years now. But out of all the places I've looked through, this is the one that will never get out of my head! I will go in to full detail as much as I can. I just hope you are prepared for what you are about to hear! Nobody should experience this, but everyone should also listen to the truth that has been hidden!

It was around mid to late February when I heard about this town. I actually was told by a close friend I knew. I won't share too much information about him for the sake of his privacy! He told me about a lost town that is now abandoned. It was built around the same time World War II ended, which just listening to that on its own makes this already sound creepy! Form the early 1950's to the mid 1960's it was quite a small but peaceful town with a population of just 600 people. Unfortunately, on March 19th 1966 a big fire broke loose and burned the entire town! It's been said that only a handful of the town's people survived the fire. However their whereabouts are unknown to this day!

Hearing this from my friend got me really intrigued. I asked him how he knew about all of this stuff. He told me that a couple local news papers at the time had a headline about the fire and even had info about the town! But it seemed like nobody has talked about it ever since, so far to point that nobody knows about the towns name or location. The files and documents about most of the towns history were all burned during the fire! This made me even more invested! I told my friend that I would go and explore the town first thing in the morning, even though I didn't know where it was located. If I could go back now I would've stopped myself and just stayed in my house before anything bad would happen! But no, my curiosity had to get the best of me!

The next morning, I got up and got ready. It was almost 10:00 AM by the time I woke up, so I had to pack everything I needed up! I wanted to get as much sunlight as possible! My friend did send pictures of the news paper that covered the event, so at least I got a little bit of detail about this town! I was still questioning in my mind if I wanted to do this. Am I really up for this? Do I even know what I'm getting myself into? Despite that, I counted my journey. But because I didn't know the location of this lost town, I just randomly walked in different directions until I see something out of the ordinary!

To be honest, I don't know much of what I saw while walking. Probably because I was walking hours among hours finding this single town I never heard about!!! I was almost about to give up, I literally couldn't find anything no matter how hard I tried! Until that very faithful hour at 5:25 PM. When I started to find trees that looked like they barely survived a massive fire. At that point I knew I was on to something! I felt like I finally found something that is somewhat related to this crazy town story! Then, I saw more burnt trees as I kept walking. Eventually, I found that the ground looked even more burnt then the trees. I actually was a little creeped out from this. But, I would've not predicted on what would come next.

As I kept walking, I saw what looked like a piece of wood in the distance. When I got closer I realized that it was a town sign. However, it not only looked burnt but it was all scratched up and very unreadable. I tried my best to think on what it could say but the words really looked all jumbled up and some the letters were even missing! I eventually came to a final conclusion on what it could say, however even to this day I'm not all certain if this is correct. Looking back the sign read: Welcome to Great Nichiren, Population 600, Enjoy your visit/stay!

Well I finally reached my destination, better start looking around, I thought as I made the way through the rusty atmosphere. My friend really wasn't kidding when he said this place was abandoned. The houses here really showed that nobody lived there since the big fire in 1966. The doors were chopped up into bits of pieces, the windows had really big gaps and holes that could be seen miles away, the roof of the houses almost looked like they melted, and the walls were torn apart as if the paint was taken off by force!

Upon investigation, I realized since the doors were ripped up it was much easier to break into the houses. I knew in my mind that I had to go in and find out what was going on and what cause this fire! Luckily one of the houses next to me had their door wide open, so I decided to take a peek inside. It was dark inside so I had to turn the flashlight on my phone to see better. Everything inside the house pretty much was wrecked and burnt like the outside! There were actually some papers and pictures on the floor when I walked in. This caught my eye and I finally felt like I was going to get some answers!

They looked crumpled and ripped up. I didn't really know what to do. I'm inside a brunt down house from a lost town, now what? But then I saw one picture on the ground that actually looked like it hadn't been touched. Almost has if the fire did not burn this one like the rest of the photographs! The picture itself also looked clear rather then distorted. This was when I made the biggest mistake of my life!!

When I looked at the picture, I was horrified to see what kind of imagery this photo contained! The photo showed two dark hooded figures. One with a gun, and one witch looked like they were holding a pocket knife! But what made me shocked the most about this was there was a third person in the middle of the picture. It was a man with his clothes all ripped up and his mouth sealed shut with tape. He was tied up and I could even see tears coming down from his eyes! What even was more crazy was the date written down below the photo. It read: March 18th 1966. It was the day before the big fire! Did those two dark hooded figures have something to do with the fire? Who was that man who was tied up in the photo? Did the other towns people know about any of this?

There were too many questions to take, I felt way too uncomfortable at this point. But before I was able to leave, I tripped over something. I didn't know what is was or were it came from but I tripped on in and fell on the burnt floor! I tried to find my balance to get up, but then something flew on my face. At first I didn't know what it was, it did feel a bit slimy for some reason! I did realize there was slime on the picture, but as I cleaned it off my jaw dropped. The picture was of one of the dark hooded figures from the previous photo, poring gasoline all over a house! The date written down said in big black writing: March 19th 1966.

This horrified me so much I almost threw up! I knew that it was time to go! Then out of nowhere a loud bloodcurdling screech echoed around the area. I quickly looked all around to see what it could possibly be. From the shadows came a creature that looked indescribable! I'm not joking when I say that this thing did not look human at all!! Its skin was all pail and moldy, its feet and legs were missing, its hands looked black as coal and its fingernails looked long and pointy as if this thing was never trimmed up before! But what made this thing freak me out the most was its face! It was all burned up and looked like it was completely gone! It opened its and did the screech I heard before. As soon as I saw more dark shadows coming out of the house, I dashed out the door and ran!

I ran and ran, and I didn't turn my head back. Even when I heard that terrible screeching sound, I just kept running for my life!!! I was lucky to find my house shortly after that. I don't know how that could be possible, but I was glad to be alive! I couldn't believe what I just witness. I had so many more questions than answers! What was that creature? Who really were those dark hooded people? Why did they decide to burn down the town and the people who lived there?

I wished I never knew about this place. I wished I told myself to just stay back and that I could be dangerous! Was it worth it? To be honest, NO! No, it's not! I now have nightmares about that place, and can't stop thinking about that horrifying creature I saw! I'm literally scarred for life now!!! It was all because of that stupid choice of going there and risking my own life! I'm lucky to be alive. Hell, I'm even more lucky to tell you about this! Now you know what kind of terrors I've been through. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't want to ever go back there. I never want anyone to go near that place as long as I live.

All I'm saying is please, please be careful out there. Don't risk your life exploring abandoned areas like this! Trust me when I say this, you do not want to end up like I almost did! It could be the last thing you will ever see in your life.