Sometimes they laughed at her due to her liking for short men, but she didn't care what they thought or said, as long as she had someone by her side, she would be happy. Unfortunately, she wasn't so good at maintaining a stable relationship after the third or fourth date. She had a temperament that at first, captured the attention of some men, but after a few days, they saw how she really was. Although that was the least of their problems.

Since she was a girl, she liked to watch documentaries on the Discovery Channel, but the ones she liked the most were documentaries about insects, and now, as a young adult, she continued to watch them. Sometimes she would tune in to that channel when she brought her partner to the apartment, and obviously the man found it strange that, of all the content offered on cable, she was only interested in that for a night alone in her room.

It was a matter of time before they caught her. They were not laughing anymore, now they were looking at her as if she were a madwoman, or a monster. When they noticed that she changed partners from time to time, at the same time that they mysteriously disappeared, they became suspicious. The police entered the building, and what they found surprised them quite a bit, not to say they were shocked. After her prison sentence, people nicknamed her "The Mantis", because after having sex with her little males, she killed them to eat their corpses.

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