Creepypasta Wiki

The Introduction[]


My grandmother had a hand mirror. It was beautiful. It had gems surrounding the centre mirror and little tiny mirrors in between them. The result is a view of your face from every angle unimaginable, except for behind your head. We weren’t allowed to touch it, but that didn’t stop us from occasionally sneaking in and trying it out.

The Paranormal - 17th November 2001[]

Because my brother and I were interested in the paranormal, we often tried to contact spirits. One time, while we were looking up the paranormal on the internet, we found something about Bloody Mary. It said that if you were to be in a pitch-black room, with no lights, in front of a mirror and say ‘Bloody Mary’ three times she would be summoned. We had a mirror but we had to choose a dark room. I remember that we chose the shed and we set everything up. I set up our video camera to show us as we were doing it. Of course the tape was burned as our house was, but that’s another story. We turned the lights off and looked into the mirror.

Actually Doing It - 17th of November 2001[]

“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…” I turned towards Braiden.

“Bloody Mary.” My heart almost stopped. I looked at my brother.

“It didn’t work. Let’s go back inside,” I said. I looked at the mirror. My reflection looked back at me, or at least that’s what I thought for when we turned the lights back on, my ‘reflection’ was no longer me. It was a little girl. I looked at her. She looked back at me. I smiled and she did too. Braiden came over to look. He was amazed by her.

“Let me try!” he uttered, holding back a cry of joy. He looked into the mirror. She was gone. There must have been a reason for why the little girl only appeared for me.

The Aftermath[]

Since then she always appeared for me whenever I looked into the mirror. Nobody other than Braiden and my friends knew about her. Not even my grandmother. She told us stories of the future, and as far as I could tell she was right. It told of Mr Jacobs’ death, Brandon’s death and finally my brother’s Death. Before we lost the mirror for good, we learned of her name. It wasn’t Bloody Mary. It was Sarah.