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Look around you. Most likely it's dark, and you're alone in your home or apartment. But within five-hundred yards of you, no matter what city, state, country, or continent you live in, there's one of... Them. More than one, probably. Maybe even a double digits, depending on your exact location. And beyond that, even more. And beyond that, more, extending into infinity. They're absolutely everywhere. Right now, though, they're probably asleep. They run on nearly the same schedule that you and I do. But when the sun sets, that's when Their own special chaos begins.

They feed off you, you know. You, and everyone you know. Or maybe not. You may be one of the lucky ones, free of Their grasp. But you must still be careful, because you would do well to remember that They are always surrounding you. They take things, too. Food. Money. Time. All the usual things that creatures do. The most chilling thing They take is probably freedom, though. Most of the planet's population is slave to Their will. It's inevitable that you know many, many people shackled to these things by Their invisible chains. Pity them if you will, for they are resigned to being under Their thumb for the rest of their natural lives. Their only escape, and yours' as well, is death.

The truly insidious thing is Their mind control. Unlike most ghouls, these are well known. Everyone, absolutely everyone, knows Them. But life goes on as normal. People welcome these things into their homes with open arms. They love Them. They feed Them. They bathe Them, groom Them, and keep Them safe. They protect Them from anyone who would wish Them ill will or harm. They will defend these things to the death if need be. Anyone who manages to rid the world of one of Them is universally scorned and imprisoned by his or her peers and treated as a monster.

Eventually, when we all die, They will have free reign of this planet. They will take our homes from us. Our possessions will become theirs. They will remember us fondly as the ones who allowed Them to reach this position of global dominance, but will be more concerned with themselves, of course, as They always were. No one can stop them. Not you. Not I. No one. They will succeed in Their evil designs unencumbered by the efforts of humans. Within the next century, too. Too reiterate, They are everywhere, and They are growing.

And that's why I hate children.