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In 1974, Edward Manes took a trip to a forbidden island. Rumors were made about there being precious diamonds and gold on the island. During this time, 36 year old Edward, was bankrupt. Having nothing to lose, he took a trip to the island. The 2-day journey East from Pacific Bay came to a sudden tragic when a rogue wave hit their ship. The captain was killed instantly and 2 crew members fell overboard. Edward and the other 3 crew members held on tight to the ship. Thinking this was the end, Edward was starting to lose hope. Suddenly, the ship flipped over and the cold water brushed over the men.

Edward slowly woke up on a beach. He looked up and saw a jungle. Confused, he looked around. There was nothing except the sea beyond him. Wondering where the other crew was, Edward searched the island and looked into the distance. Nothing. The island was small, an estimated 3 square miles long. As night fell, Edward knew nothing and had nowhere to go. He wondered how he was still alive for the entire night. Edward couldn’t get himself to sleep.

A week went by, the island was turning Edward insane. He ate leaves and berries he found in the jungle and found no sign of any life on the island. With his wounded and extremely skinny legs, he approached the beach and looked in the distance. No sign of anything. There were no ships, just the never ending sea.

Edward would explain his condition as horrid and as if he felt something was watching him every night. One day, he heard rustling in the bushes and didn’t have any energy to move. Still, he made his way over and found a note.

“Are you human?” the note read.

Edward’s eyes widened open. His stomach sank to his legs. He gripped his words and in extreme caution, whispered, “Who’s there?”

No answer.

A few days passed, Edward was now going insane. He saw a small sail boat floating in the distance. Tourists. Edward grabbed 2 long sticks and waved them in the distance. He looked like a skeleton. As if it was a miracle, the boat, which was 2 miles away from the island, spotted Edward. The 2 men who were on the boat were Ben Foster and Andy Sekon. They rushed over to the island, and to their shock, nobody was there.

Andy would later describe this as horrific and as if it was straight out of a movie.

As they were carefully looking 56 feet away from the island on their sail boat, there was no sign of Edward. Ben recommenced that they search the island, but Andy refused, saying it was too risky. Ben told Andy that he was going to check the island, whether or not Andy came. Andy, who was in disbelief and worried about Ben, decided to join Ben, and search the island, because the both of them were certainly sure that they saw a man waving for help on this island.

As the both of them were hopping off the boat, suddenly, a giant spear came flying out of the jungle and hit Ben right in the lower abdomen. Ben, who was aching in pain, fell into the water. Ben, was a 56 year old man who had gotten surgery 2 months ago, because he had one of his internal intestines dislocating itself. This caused the hit to be even more dangerous and may as well kill him very painfully. As Ben was lying in the water and unable to get up from the pain and weight he had to bear, he was drowning from the water and unable to breathe.

Andy, was witnessing this tragic moment the entire time, and eventually attempted to save Ben. However, when Andy looked up, he saw Edward with a giant rock in his hand, heading for Andy’s head. Instantly, Andy got up and tackled Edward, pinning him to the ground. Edward was weak and extremely malnourished, but still managed to fight off Andy and run back into the woods. Andy, who was in extreme shock and fear, instantly jumped back onto their sail boat and was ready to set sail.

He was too scared to hop off the ship, so he called for Ben, hoping that Ben would answer him. However, Andy only saw Ben, covered in blood, lying in a pool of water with a spear through his waist. By this time, Ben had been underwater for at least 2 minutes, so there was no chance of him still being alive. Andy, devastated and scared, quickly set sail back to California.

The moment Andy got back to land, he rushed over to the police and FBI and told them everything. The next day, a huge search and rescue team was sent to the area, to hopefully find Edward. In the end, at 5pm Pacific, they found Edward feeding on Ben’s body.

They carefully put Edward down and nobody was injured. Edward was later rushed to the hospital and treated. He was extremely skinny and had rotting skin. He was malnourished and dehydrated. The doctors luckily were able to save his life through medication and surgery, and he is expected to make a full recovery. However in 1984, Edward died of a stroke supposedly caused from his extreme conditions.