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The first entry:

May the 21st 2000

Hello, my name is Stephanos Doukopoulos, or just Steve for short, and I have worked as a surgeon since 1975 at the largest hospital in the country. To celebrate my anniversary at this exciting workplace I have decided to start my own blog for sharing my experiences with younger generations. I’m not really that used to using the modern computer equipment, but hopefully it will be many more entries on this blog. I therefore welcome anyone who reads this to an experience that will hopefully last for a long time.

The second entry:

June the 21st 2000

This day I experienced something that made me question a big chunk of what I learnt during my days at medical school for many decades ago. One patient that had been sent to me around 10:20 claimed to have severe pains in his stomach, so I naturally thought it was cancer or something similar. But after I had opened his belly I, instead of a tumour, saw that his caecum was gone and that in its place were only a black spot on the part of the large intestine where it otherwise should have been. After the patient’s stomach had been sewn together, I asked him if he ever had a colostomy. He denied this, so to be sure this is not some strange case of Munchhausen syndrome the patient has to stay on the hospital for some weeks.

The third entry:

July the 14th 2000

The patient’s condition now has taken expressions that I, after all my years in surgery, previously didn’t even thought was possible. Today he said that the pains in the middle of his stomach was gone, but that the pains had now moved to the higher and lower portions of his belly. When I did my surgery on him, I could confirm that the patient didn’t even have any intestines anymore, and that the organs that formerly surrounded them are covered in something black that seems to be rotting biological matter. It’s a miracle of nature that he has not died yet, but it’s clear that he will die soon since he can’t digest food anymore. His death will probably be very painful when it happens, and I can’t imagine how soon it will be.

The fourth entry:

July the 16th 2000

Despite the two days that have went on since the last entry of this blog, has the patient with the strange condition not died of starvation yet. Instead he shows no need for any food and is now even able to walk around despite it should not even be possible for him to be alive at this point. The stitches on the patient’s belly has however been dissolved by the blackened matter that have already been seen on the insides of his body. I even got some of this substance on my hands when I examined the patient’s body today, but that did fortunately go away after some hand-washing. I hope I will get permission to analyse the substance in the near future, because this can clearly lead to a great paradigm shift in medical science.

The fifth entry

July the 17th 2000

Today the patient was suddenly gone from the hospital with only a letter from the Department of Health explaining that they have to “look” at him to suggest where he went. I hope we will soon know more on the scientific side about the condition in question, because despite my long education and experience of medical science I can simply not explain anything of what I saw happening with the patient. It could possibly be some kind of fungi infection, through that of course doesn’t explain the patient’s apparent survival.

The sixth entry:

September the 21st 2000

I just got a message from the Department of Health today, but of some weird reason didn’t it contain any attempt of explaining the patient’s condition. Instead did the writer of the message tell me that they had to “do away with the corpse before the disease spread to even more people”. This does probably mean that the case involved a so dangerous disease that they don’t want any ordinary citizens to know about it. The corruption of the government institutions has therefore shown its ugly face once again, and it will therefore be my duty to stop the scenario that cases like this in the future will continue to be covered up by these people. Anyone in the comment section can write about similar experiences with corruption in the Department of Health here so I can get more evidence about this kind of behaviour. I myself will now try to get more documents about this case so that we can take this to court.

The seventh entry:

February the 14th 2001

Now I have finally got a real answer on the nature of my patient’s condition! But it does however still not make any sense for me. The Department of Health did just write that the black substance inside the patient’s belly wasn’t caused by any virus, bacteria or even fungal infection, like I have previously suspected. No, they wrote, the black was just dead body tissues, and that this had to be the final evidence that makes metaphysical materialism a moot theory. I wonder if I or any other professional will get the credit for this discovery by the media and the wider scientific community? Or will both these power-holding institutions cover all this up? Just to test it I will now contact national television and tell them about my discovery.

The eighth entry:

November the 27th 2001

I have now contacted all the large media channels in the country during all of the months that have went on, and when the contact started, they all seemed excited about my discovery. But weeks after nothing have been reported about this, I have always called back, and then they just said that my discovery had been unconditionally classified. And all these media outlets gave no explanation about this other than that the information is somehow a threat to national security. So those bastards on the Department of Health has infiltrators on all these newspapers, television and radio channels! I do therefore advise anyone who reads this blog (through I now you’re few) to spread the message about this cover-up how much you can! Because the state should not be able to control scientific truth!

The ninth entry:

January the 9th 2002

For some weeks I have had terrible pains in my stomach and strange black spots on my belly, so I’m now really afraid that the mysterious condition has somehow spread to my body. It has to have come from the contact with my patient I had for so long ago, so it’s probably an infection after all. Let’s all just hope that the Department of Health will not want to examine and “dispose of” my body. And anyone who reads this, remember to spread the word about what has happened as much as you can! Because this can well be my last post on this blog. And if some of my colleagues could come up with a way to restore my inner organs somehow, I would not have to go through all this.

The tenth entry:

April the 14th 2002

I’m right now fleeing from the hospital I’ve worked on for so many years. When I woke up this day in my hospital bed it easily could be heard from just outside my room that my old colleagues were now talking with people from the Department of Health. My old friends did of course refuse to let the government agents in, because they all knew about how corrupt the Department of Health are because of what I have told them. And how terrible was it not when the agents from the Department of Health yelled “He has an anomalous and highly contagious disease which can lead to the deaths of millions! Let us in or we will get him out with task forces!”. Before they got the task forces involved in this case, I did however succeed to sneak out of the hospital in a disguise provided by my old surgeon colleague “Josef” (this is of course not his real name). Now I’m hiding from the governmental agencies on a location that I can’t specify. And don’t forget to spread the words about this scandal as much as you can after reading this. And I also hope that I myself can come up with a way to restore my insides.

The eleventh entry:

October the 8th 2002

How sad hasn’t the last months been! My colleague “Josef” is now contained in the country’s most high-security prison because he helping me was somehow a “crime against national security". Government agents spying on me virtually everywhere has forced me to live alone in the forest. This will definitively be my last post on this blog, because my acquaintance cannot let me use her computer anymore because of all the probable government agents sneaking around the house. But as long as I’m on this earth I will continue to try restoring my insides with my surgery skills! It has made me do so many horrible things to all the small, innocent little humans with their young, weak and fresh bodies, and sadly have all their organs been rejected by my decaying body. But one day I will probably be able to scratch away all that dead substance. And maybe will then some of their insides merge into my belly. Because my surgery skills can't fail me, that’s for sure!