The Night Walk

The night walk is always something everyone does from time to time, at least once. Something about it just feels invigorating and refreshing, clears the mind.

Taking night walks isn’t something I do, but I decided to take one after some time, after having a rough day. Being smart about things, I actively avoided using my headphones, even with one in. Don’t want to risk it. Even though no one suspicious walks around here. It’s quiet. Nice and quiet.

Keeping myself hidden, my phone was off. Just to be sure. Just to be safe. Nothing wrong has happened here, but I didn’t want to be the first one to be a victim. No risks, no pain. Nothing potentially worse.

After walking for what seemed to be several minutes, I decided to take the way back home, the exact same path, exactly the way it was.

My mind must’ve left me for a while, as I found myself, face facing phone, phone facing I. After taking a minute or so looking through social media and the like, I decided to put it away for the remainder of the walk and focus on the way back.

Looking up, however, I saw mainly pitch black darkness, which was odd, as I remembered the streetlights being on as I was walking. I could still see myself, like if a light was shining on me, though only the dark shone through. The flashlight on my phone helped, allowing me to see the ground once again, so I hoped to shine it around, hoping I could see something familiar.

To my shock, I discovered the houses were looking the same; paint, decorations, even structure. They repeated, like if they kept looping around, a broken record of sorts. The streets remained the same, so I figured I could just take the direction I came from, and I’d be home.

What was odd was the roads. They looked broken, potholes visible in the light, paint fading and spotted, eventually, after walking around for a while, the roads ended at a point where it was as if they never existed at all. Looking back, they disappeared behind me, visibly similar to the path I took.

The houses remained, as did the lights, still repeating. I was unnerved, and just confused. Looking at my phone, I looked for a way to get home, having to use the GPS because of the surroundings.

Nothing. I was basically stuck here. Just having to wander around aimlessly, hoping I’ll find a way out and a way home. With no other options, I decided to just knock on the door of one of the houses. Hopefully no one inside was asleep, otherwise I’d have to keep trying each house.

As I walked up to the door, it felt as if I wasn’t getting closer to it, just walking in place. But I definitely felt like I was moving, just not in any direction. Running didn’t even help, I was unable to get close, and with anxiety starting to kick in, I decided to leave, hoping the next house over would help me.

Turning around, the sudden appearance of a weird creature met my line of sight, several feet away, but it felt so close. Too close.

I would’ve been mistaken to think it was another person, at least it would’ve allowed me to be relieved I wouldn’t be alone after all.

Its eyes glowed pure white, and yet no illumination hit its body. It was darker than even the darkness surrounding it, its outline visible, smiling with pure white, jagged, pointed teeth, its head tilted to its right, almost as if it was curious about me.

Even though it would’ve been a mistake to turn my back towards it, I moved to the next house, running and actually managing to reach the door, banging on it in pure fear of what could happen to me. When I looked back, whatever I encountered was gone. Not a trace of it to be found. I couldn’t find it anywhere by looking, I couldn’t bear the thought of facing it again, not knowing what it could do to me. Or to be more precise, how it could achieve it. I wouldn’t have an answer for what it was. That is, if I made it home.

The door opened, but no one greeted me. Even being angry at me for waking them up would’ve been something I would’ve enjoyed.

“Hello?” I asked, to no answer. Maybe they’re asleep, but why would the door open then? Grasping my phone tightly in my hand, I entered, shining the flashlight, hoping to find anything of use, a computer, phone, something. Too dark in the house to see, like the outdoors before it. Nothing I could find. Everything just looked normal, but it felt wrong. A sense of familiarity, but uncanny at the same time.

Then I noticed. There was another floor, stairs next to the living room. Heading up, I became increasingly paranoid with each step, as if they were forcing fear into me. Shining the light throughout the darkness, I found three doors in this cramped hallway. Opening one reveals a closet, nothing inside. Somehow, the emptiness brought a sense of calmness, only briefly though. One leads to what I’m assuming is the master bedroom. Clean and organized. No one inside the room, nothing inside the closet either. The last door I checked led to a children’s bedroom, two beds on opposite sides of the room. Nothing inside of the closets as well.

As I am about to leave the bedroom, I hear shuffling from behind me. Something was moving inside of the covers, despite nothing being there when I entered. Two figures sit up and look at me, both of them visually similar to the thing I saw outside, only this time, teardrop-like shapes are shown below their eyes. No movement from them, as they inch closer to me, not moving even a single limb. It was if they levitated towards me. I immediately ran out of the room, finding myself face to face with the same entity from before. What did it want? Why won’t it leave me alone? So many questions, no one answers, and no one will answer.

A cold touch is felt, and they vanish. But why? Are they just playing games? Or what are they doing with me? I can’t ask and stay here. So, I leave. Outdoors, nothing changed. Everything is still dark, but looks to be in place. One step, and I fall, onto the dirt. I look back at the entrance of the house, but all I find was the steps and the door missing. Looking back onto the street, the road returns to the way it was before.

With hope fading, I just decide to walk down the street, hoping to find any sort of difference in the environment I’m in. Time is 3 in the morning, yet it feels like I’ve been outside for much longer. My legs can’t take much more walking, yet sleep doesn’t take me, probably because of the adrenaline and fear. I’m scared, nothing more to say. I can’t do much more walking. No one or nothing else in sight. I’m tempted to just sleep on the ground until sunrise, just to leave this… place. What else could I do?

Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen any street signs, lights, cars, or animals. It’s been eerily quiet… and nothing I can find. I just decided to sit on the cold sidewalk, waiting for the time to pass. Whether I sleep or not, hopefully I leave soon.

I woke up, cold, and confused. I thought for sure I might have had a nightmare or something. I’m still here, everything looks the same. No one even came to make sure I didn’t sleep here. The time hasn’t changed by much, only by a few minutes, it seemed like. I’m well rested, though. Just where the hell am I?

You know, maybe I’m just insane and in an asylum. It has to be the answer. I screamed as loud as I could, hurting my throat, just hoping someone would come outside to investigate what happened.

No answer. Just a hurt throat and some hope fading. Though both can be fixed with some drinking. If only that ever worked…

I heard a noise in the distance. It didn’t sound like another person though. Not even close to anything I know about. It sounded distorted? I guess that might be a good way to describe it? Whatever is the case, I hope I don’t run into it.

I found myself face to face with that same being again, just turning around in case the sound came from way behind me. No appearance changes. Just standing there again. I didn’t want to turn my back to it, I just walked backwards, then ran once I was a good distance away. It was long gone when I turned to try to see it again, but nothing was there. I’m definitely being toyed with. I just have to be.

Just then, the noise was heard again, but closer this time. I could faintly make out its outline in the distance. It was probably a mistake to get closer, but I just had to make sure I could see it for myself. Definitely wasn’t anything like what I encountered. It was different. Definitely different.

I got close enough to see any details. I wish I hadn't. Whatever it was, it was bigger than the houses. It looked like a moose, but dark blue. It looked like it was rotting, pieces of its head missing from it, exposing dark spots, and what I hope was bone inside of it. Its body was humanoid, the same color as its head. The nails are longer than anything I could comprehend, yet they look like wood. I couldn’t risk it, I had to turn back, possibly take another route.

Should’ve kept my eyes on the ground, as I tripped, my phone landing hard enough to be heard. And it was heard. Noticed easily. Looking back, it noticed me, yet it had no eyes, but it could see me. I just knew it could.

It started running at me at full speed, though I had the distance advantage. But taking another look at it, it definitely was much bigger than I had imagined. If I didn’t hide or try to confuse it, I was definitely a goner.

Trying to confuse it by moving erratically didn’t help. Neither did hiding, it just breathed on me when it found me. I was trapped, and I was caught. I couldn’t struggle or move in its hand. It felt disgusting, as if I was swimming in maggots. Just the feeling was enough to get me to throw up. Just my luck, I was tired again. I couldn’t do anything. I just closed my eyes as it brought me closer to its face.

Call it fate, luck, whatever. But I felt myself falling and hitting something hard. It was the ground, yet I was somewhat okay. The creature leaned closer to me, breathing on me and just observing me. It was then I realized it wasn’t towards me. Shining my light into the darkness, I found the three beings from earlier standing, backs towards me, facing the giant being. The one in the middle turned to face me, and it was the same entity that has been with me since I stumbled in this place. It held out a limb, and while it didn’t hit me at first, I understood what it meant, and I began to run in the opposite direction, catching a glimpse of it nodding approvingly.

I didn’t even get far when it got me again, this time grabbing me with what I believe was both its hands. Good thing my arms were free. With no other choice, I just threw my phone at it, hoping it would work.

It didn’t. Not one bit.

I heard my phone land, if I ever got out of its clutches, it would be useless for sure. Just then, it roared loudly, and it released me, causing me to land on the ground hard again. As I fell into unconsciousness, I saw the three smaller creatures walk towards the bigger entity.

It all went dark and silent.

Then I woke up.

I was home, relatively unharmed and okay. My phone was near me, no damage done to it. This must have been a nightmare I went through. It had to be. When I talked to my friend when I hung out with her later that day, she said it had to have been a nightmare. I had to agree, even though it felt so real. That night, I decided to take a walk at night, just to clear my mind. I was terrified though. I didn’t want those same events to happen again. But maybe nothing will happen…

I didn’t even walk too far from my house when I recognized the glowing eyes in front of me, that same… thing I encountered that night. I knew for sure that time I spent in that place wasn’t a nightmare.

It turned its head, but it didn’t do anything to me. It just handed me something, a piece of the giant creature’s horn. It nodded to me, before moving away from me, waving at me before disappearing into the air.

What a strange occurrence. But it was okay. I now know it was looking out for me, as did the other two smaller creatures. Hopefully I can see them again. I know I will. They’re watching out for me. No more fear from them, only relief.

The walk felt invigorating and refreshing, clearing my mind.

Written by ThePhoenixFire

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