Hallam, Victoria, June, 1954

Mary looked at Thomas.

"James' outbursts are getting worse."

"We must not let anyone know that James is possessed. If they do we might be ostracized from our community. Our children will have no friends. Barry and I will take James to the church tonight."

"Okay, good."

Ever since James started to show interest in the occult, the family grew more and more dysfunctional. After James performed a demonic ritual, the family was shunned, outcasts of society. James began having outbursts at his siblings, severely injuring them. The family had a dark history of involvement with the occult, they were descended from one of the women who took part in the Salem witch trials, who in turn was descended from pagans who participated in the Second Crusade.

The following night as James fell asleep, Barry woke his father. "Get the chloroform." Barry took out his handkerchief and dampened it. Thomas picked up James and Barry held the handkerchief over until James was limp.

"Come on!"

Thomas placed James in the back seat of their small Volkswagen Beetle. As the car pulled into the chapel, Barry swore he could have seen something out of the corner of his eye. The car stopped.

"Get him out! Before anyone sees us!"

Barry knocked on the front door of the chapel, and it slowly creaked open to reveal a dishevelled priest.

"You are here. Come to the back." The priest led them to a small steel shed. As the priest began the exorcism, James woke up and started screaming. Barry held the chloroform to James' mouth, but to no avail. The priest glanced at a light outside, and looked shocked.

"The demon has departed from this boy's body."

The priest proceeded to open the door.

"Good day."

Hallam, Victoria, September 1954

The family's life had returned to normal, all except for James.

"That church ruined my deal! I will curse it for all eternity!"

Ever since James had the exorcism, he became more eccentric and heartless. He no longer had any friends and he often ran away from home.

Barry woke to the sound of the news playing on the radio.

"Hallam chapel was found burnt down last night in mysterious circumstances. Locals claim that a young boy was seen running into the property, chanting in an unknown language with a lit stick in one hand. A local psychic, who claimed that the chapel was built on the graveyard of aboriginal spearmen who fought in skirmishes with colonial soldiers was 'doomed from the beginning.' The police investigation continues."

Victorian Railways Headquarters, November, 1956

"Commissioner, workers at the Holden General Motors factory are complaining about the lack of sheltered places to sit as they wait for the train. We gave compiled a list of cheap temporary options, and it appears the cheapest is to buy the shed from the old chapel for £40."

"Ok, have it delivered immediately."

Written by AlphonBetonDelton
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