Dylan didn’t even bother to look at the text that came in. Instead, he kept scrolling through picture after picture. Some he was in, but all of them featured a stunning brunette with grey-green eyes.

“She’s beautiful,” said the woman who stood leaning against the back of the sofa. She peered over Dylan’s shoulder. “You have good taste in ladies, little brother.”

Dylan smiled and turned to face his sister. “Thanks, I guess.” He smirked and looked once more at the photos on his phone. “The question is, what’s her taste in men?”

“Well,” his sister began, “from the look of things, I’d say it’s you.”

Dylan’s eyes shot back to his sister. A chill of cautious excitement trickled through him. “Seriously?”

His sister laughed. “It would behoove you to learn how to read women,” she chided lovingly. She pointed to the woman in the picture. “Look at her eyes. See how they sparkle, even in a still picture? She’s crazy about you.”

Dylan studied the picture, searching for even a hint of what his sister meant. “You really think so?”

“I’m absolutely certain of it,” his sister assured him. “You know I don’t lie when I have a feeling about something?” She straightened up as she spoke and made her way over to the window seat across the room. “Did you tell her I’m in town?”

“No,” said Dylan. “Not yet. Maybe the three of us could get dinner tonight?”

“I’d like that,” Katie said. “I really look forward to meeting her.”

Dylan was silent for a moment. “I really hope you’re right, Katie” he said at last, his gaze never leaving the beautiful pair of lips in the picture. His eyes traced the curve of her smile.. “I know, I haven’t known Marta that long, but I’m already starting to feel like she might be ‘the one.’ I’ve never felt like this before. Do you think I’m… I don’t know… deluded?”

Glass-262105 1920.jpg

Glass shattered in response. Liquid spattered and ran like a waterfall. Dylan looked up, startled. He was just in time to see Katie tumble from the window seat, half her face obliterated. Specks of dark blood and brain matter defiled the once-immaculate living room. The soiled curtains flapped in the breeze that gushed in through the broken window pane.

For Dylan, the reality of the scene was slow to sink in. He sat there, frozen in shock. It was only when he heard the knob of the front door jiggle somewhere behind him that he regained control of his muscles. Before he could fully turn, however, two bangs rang out, muffled but still thunderous. Metal thumped to the floor and the door creaked open.

When she rounded the corner, the first thing Dylan saw were those grey-green eyes, beaming and glistening. Sweet lips parted as she panted. In her hand lay a gun. “Marta?” Dylan could barely speak above a whisper.

“Dylan!” Marta exclaimed. “I knew something was wrong when you didn’t answer me. But don’t worry. That evil woman won’t be able to tempt you anymore.”

Her eyes darkened as they scanned the room and landed on the body. Dylan helplessly followed suit and saw the dark pool spreading from beneath his sister’s corpse.

Marta gave a little huff through her nose. “Who was she, anyway?

Written by Jdeschene
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