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This ritual is older than most religions, mythologies, and cultures. This has been viewed as devil worship, witchcraft, voodoo and indigenous practices but those who have done this ritual know very well that it is none of those things. In fact, this ritual has no connection to any specific theistic belief. It’s connected to something much bigger than us.

Why would someone want to summon this entity you might ask yourself? If this ritual is done correctly then the summoner will be granted as many wishes as they want.

Unlike many other wish-granting creatures like genies, leprechauns, or fairies there is no limit to what you can wish for. You want wealth, power, love, supernatural abilities, omnipotence, immorality or to revive a loved one then it is yours.

The only catch is that you must without a doubt be as specific as possible with your wish. If you wish for a monster truck and you don’t specify that you want a regular truck with the title of monster attached to it then you could get a sentient truck that wants you dead.

If you wish for your dead friend to return to the world of the living, you could start a reign of the undead. Anything could happen. Your physical form could warp into something terrifying.

That blue and green speck of dust we call home could be gone. Reality as we know it could be bent and twisted into an unrecognizable hellscape. Even our concepts like time and space could be eradicated from existence.

This entity is neither malevolent nor benevolent. It's older than our concepts that bound us like space and time. It's older than are reality. Therefore it is an uncaring entity. It doesn't want to be worshiped or praised.

It cares not for if we live or die. If we go on or give up. It's beyond the title of a god. This being would make even the deities of any earthbound faith crawl into whatever void they came from. Let's just say that prayer and holy water isn't going to do you squat against this entity. No man-made weapon or any defensive capability is effective against it.

Moral and alignment factors are insignificant to this being if you suffer any horrible fate, you only have yourself to blame. You can summon this entity as many times as you like you will just have to bring twice the amount of blood and items every time you do it. The first time you brought seven items now you will bring fourteen and for the third twenty-one. It will be harder and harder every time you summon it.

For this ritual, you will need your blood, fire, a blindfold, seven items you own, a house or spacious land, and a timer of some sort. You can use your phone as the timer. You can do it alone or with more people. The other people will have to use their own items though.

This does not have to be at any certain time or place it is preferred that you do this at night and in a more rural area as the land will provide more space.

To begin the ritual, you must gather seven items you own, the items can be anything from jewelry, decorations, clothing, sliver wear, candles, technology, stones, watches, clocks, etc. You will see why you need these items later on.

Next, you will start a fire naturally. Use firewood or find some other natural way. Using a lighter or some other none natural way won’t work.

The house doesn’t have to be your house but it is recommended that it is because you will be more familiar with your land.

After you have lit your fire, you will gather your seven objects around the fire then you will cut yourself somewhere and drop your blood into the fire. It must be at least a drop of blood.

You have to have a blindfold with you because if one looks at this entity for even a second than anything could happen, madness, blindness or even death could take place. You shouldn’t take the risk of just closing your eyes, it's better to have the blindfold with you.

This entity is not meant to be seen by our eyes and its true form cannot even be understood. Take out your blindfold cover your eyes and speak, “The One from Above Below and Beyond I call to you for your assistance, let me prove to you that I am worthy of your time.”

You should hear “Show me your worth.”

At this point, you can take off your blindfold and you will see all of your seven items have disappeared into your house or land. You will have one hour and one hour only to find and return the seven items to the fire. The items will be at least twenty-five feet apart from each other.

The items will be all-around your land and house if it’s big enough. They will not have disappeared outside of your property. These items could be in any of your rooms in your house, any tree on your land, and even on the top of your roof. Any space in your room like under the bed or in between your couch.

Every drawer and every closet. Every creek and every corner. If you live by a lake they could even be in the deep water. Anywhere is where they could be.

As stated earlier, you only have one hour. Even if you only have failed by one second you will still have no chance. If you see that if you are almost approaching fifty minutes you will see that the sky is turning red and a fog-like haze has been cast around your house and land. In the fog, you will hear a screeching noise almost like a woman screaming for help but it’s far more inhuman. You will see a figure in the fog.

At this point, if you have any electric items then they will start to flicker on and off. Banging all around the house will be felt. Thunder will be heard and red lightning will be seen.

The further the time goes you will see the being from the fog sprint at you full speed. It will appear behind you. You will feel its hands all over your neck.  Don’t be alarmed just yet. Ignore this entity as it is nothing but a construct created by “The One from Above Below and Beyond” This is a warning that your time is almost up and that you must hurry.

You cannot take the items one at a time, instead bring them all at once. When you have collected all your items return them all to the fire, circle them around the flame. Pull out your blindfold and put it back on and say, “I have proven my worth.”

You should then hear: “What is it you seek from me?” Then say your wish, but remember to be as specific with it as possible.

If you lost a significant other say this “I wish for my husband to come back to life like nothing ever happened, when I wake up, I want him to be there next to me like he never died.” That should be specific enough but if you feel you can explain more than do so.

You should have your wish granted to you as you requested. That is if you completed the ritual. If you did not find the items in time or you could not find one, all I can say is it was nice knowing you.

If you feel like you're up for this then I certainly hope you took this instruction to heart, well you know what to do. Good luck.