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Introductions Lost

The term amnesia is used to describe a partial or total loss of memory, which gives the impression that the person you once knew is still in there. Well they're partially right; the person you once knew is gone in a sense and in a place of the mind you can't reach.

Let me introduce myself, my name is... well that's just it, I don't remember it. I know that I'm in a hospital; at least my physical self is. My conscience is stuck in my head, the only reason I remember anything is because I can hear and see what my body does see what it sees; though, it doesn't see much anymore.

The true cause of amnesia is like multi-personality disorder, but in this case only one personality can control the physical body; that controller being the winner of the initial battle. You see, when it starts, the other personality is in your head trying to remove you from control, but if it wins it switches places with you, and vice versa. Those moments where the person has the first "memory loss" is them losing that fight; this new personality has never experienced the world, causing the appearance of memory loss. Though it may decide to sift through your memories for anything useful.

My amnesia has been going on for... 13 days. Yes, 13 days according to whoever is currently talking to my body. What is his name?

I have to fight back against David; that's what he calls himself. I had a brief meeting with him, when he took over my body. I don't tire here. Or even become thirsty or hungry, come to think of it. I'll use that to my advantage. I'll go after his mind, my mind.

But why? Why would I do that; I can hardly remember details of my life. What's the point? No, that's not me talking. That's him, trying to suppress me and take what I have left. I have to remember something; my name, face, anything.

It's all fading into whatever void useless memories go. Without an identity to sustain my memories, or a purpose to sustain the memories, they're slowly fading into oblivion. There to be lost forever. Once enough of them are gone, I suppose this conscience will fade and I will bid farewell to this existence. That parasite David will have won.

Some Time Later

I awoke again. At least that is how it seemed.

Almost all of my memories are gone now. I can see the earliest of my memories, such as the moments of my birth.

Although that's not what I'm seeing now. I see me, sifting through David's memories, using the useful ones to make people think I was the original David.

I was the split personality. The parasite.

My total time of existence was 17 days, not 28 years...