The image on the right, (colloquially "The Parrot," as it bears the resemblance even when viewed safely) is a reconstruction of Berriman and Turner's original, "Logical Imaging Technique" image produced by Cambridge Computing Lab IV (now, obviously, defunct) at some point in 1983.


This image, along with several others inadvertently produced - most infamously 'Langford's Basilisk' and the imagery produced by a typographical error in Your Sinclair #23's "Fun with Fractals" feature. - generates patterns the human visual system cannot easily deal with. This so-called 'Godelian shock input' can, to put it crudely, crash the human brain. The image does not usually produce any immediate effect (due to delayed neurochemical encoding of 'Godelian spoilers'), but is usually triggered several days later upon viewing any repetitive image that triggers the memory into recalling the original.

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