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Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean is an island surrounded by a swamp, filled with the carcasses of fish and other, less recognizable things poking out of the mud. The mire extends as far as you can see.

Every so often, the mud will be dry enough to walk on. About a day's travel from shore is a large mound, at the top of which is an immense canyon. The bottom of it cannot usually be seen, but if the moon is large enough, you will be able to view the slope of the canyon and eventually the bottom, which is covered by a strange body of water. Rising from the water is a monolith, covered in bas-reliefs.


Those who have seen it claimed that everything carved onto the surface of the great monolith was a depiction of major world events that had happened, starting at the beginning of time. From the destruction of the dinosaurs to the black plague, all the way up to 9/11 and the Iraqi war. Even stranger, people stated seeing many seeing depictions of events that had not yet happened. When questioned further, the majority merely shook their heads, refusing to elaborate.

However, the others who dared to speak would all say something [mostly] similar to, “Just let it happen. It can’t be stopped, anyhow.”

Original author unknown

Originally uploaded on March 21st, 2011