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Ever since childhood I’ve been living two lives. My real life and my fake life.

My fake life has been nothing but lies. Pretending to care about the letter on my grade. Pretending to care about the ‘people’ who I’m expected to care about. Pretending to care about the pointless sheets of green paper called ‘money.' Pretending. That is all my fake life is. And I’ve been living it for nearly 60 years.

But… my real life is different. There is no grades. No people to pretend to care about. No pointless sheets of green. It has only color and true life. And I’ve only ever gotten the pleasure of this beautiful world when my body in the fake world is inactive. Asleep. But then every morning in the fake world, the man I call my husband forces me into the putrid fake world. I wake up, and care for the only non-fakes in this fake world. My children. They are as bright and beautiful as the real world. And… they are stuck in the fake world as well. And forced out of the real world just as I am.

We can’t live like this. We can’t be forced into a fake world, only getting the relief of the beauty and color in the cover of night. No. We have to stay. We must stay. Somehow.

It’s another day in the fake world. My husband says he’s going for a business trip soon. He’ll be gone. And we can finally be freed. Forever.

I watch as he leaves in his noisy grey vehicle. Disgusting. I decide to return to the real world.

As I slip into the real world, I feel my body fill with life and happiness. The warmth caresses my face as I wonder through, talking to the real ones. They understand. They were once locked away in the real world as well. But, they found eternal peace. They figured out a way to destroy their existence in the real world. Forever. They told me it happens to everyone, you just have to wait for fate to claim you. But... what if instead of fate claiming me and my children.... I did.

As I slip out into the fake world for the final time, I grab a knife from the kitchen and call my children out. I look at them. They had smiles on their faces. But, of course they were only faking it, like I have been doing. I walk up to them, shaking from excitement for our freedom.

I come up to my youngest, happy that they get the shortest experience of this filthy fake world. I quickly stab them in the side of the head, seeing they got their freedom. But... why do my other children look fearful? They should be happy, grateful that they are being freed.

My middle child starts screaming and my oldest calls the police.

What? Why are they not happy?

Before the neighbors notice his screams, I swiftly end my middle child, his blood coating my hands. They give me one final sad look before falling into an endless sleep. My oldest child starts running, locking herself in her room.

"Let me in!!" I screamed at her. The brat. She'll pay when I see her again!

I bang down her door and slowly approach her, holding my knife tightly. I grab her and pulled her close.

"You'll thank me...."

Right as I was about to finally relieve her of the fake world, the police burst in and pull me away from her. No. NO! They'll keep me in this putrid world. NO!

Before they can take my knife away, I stab it into my own head. Then everything went black. No happy world, just black. Then I realize. The fake world wasn't the evil one. I was. They made sure I knew that.